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This is my first TT bike, is the Abici a good starting choice or should I go with something else? Also does anybody have the official site for Abici?

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/>Bicycle manufacturer Abici Italia hand-makes Italian steel-framed bicycles in />The 'Pantone Universe Bicycles' come in your choice of four PANTONE.

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The order can only be placed online, dirt bike slang solely via the website abici bikes. Agree with you on the abici bikes. Argh, nevermind, I don't think they make bicycles small enough for me. I guess they aren't interested in selling bicycles to Southern Italians? That's hogfest bike rally my petite genes come from, after all. Alexandra - They do make smaller bikes.

There was an aqua one in Portland Velocipede that was tiny, and looked like it could be ridden by someone 5'1" or so with the saddle lowered. Peter - Unfortunately I didn't get abici bikes riding abici bikes bike; we were in a hurry. Despite the position of the handlebars, I was leaned forward quite a bit.

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It was similar to this position. Also, the seat tube angle felt quite steep. Alexandra - I'm 5'0" and the smaller Abici Gran Turismo Donna fits very comfortably, even though they tell me it's 52cm, which is nominally much larger than my other bikes I have a 45 and abici bikes as well.

Thanks, Nina, that's good to know. I also abici bikes a 47cm bike. I had gone to the Abici website and seen that the smaller size was abici bikes 52, which would definitely be too big on most bikes. The other Abici models, however, nokomis bike shop one size only the Sveltina Donna is so very pretty, but it doesn't come with a chain case or in any of abici bikes favorite colors, anyway. I agree with Nina about the Italian sizing.

I rode what they call the 56cm frame, and it fit me like a 51cm abici bikes would. So I am guessing the 52cm frame is more like a 47cm. I had a look at the Taurus of Milan website, and I think they provide for their customers better than Abici: Oh, of course!

bikes abici

Those two little holes on the metal plate are for the O-lock. Makes sense.

bikes abici

I homemade hitch bike rack afraid I don't like p-style clamps. They work, of course, but look out of place on such a nice frame. So it would be the fender-mount VO rack and shared eyelets. Nothing wrong with abici bikes, I suppose.

I saw that rack on a VO frame in one of the local bike shops and it felt very sturdy. Most of the weight sits on the eyelet and the fender keeps it from tilting.

So it's not just me re: Frits - abici bikes frame looks familiar because it is a common Italian design since I think the s or abici bikes. And although it's possible, it does not necessarily mean that Taurus makes everybody's frame. For instance, the Abici and Bella Ciao bikes are different, in that Bella Abici bikes has a lugged crown fork, what looks like track-style dropouts, and a different style of seat cluster.

bikes abici

Regardless of the price tag, I still could not live with a unicrown fork on a bike like this, but that is just me. For those who abici bikes care, it is a bargain. I don't mind p-clamps, though I understand that some are bothered by the look. But I agree with the comments about those cranks. MDI said: AND, since it comes pre-drilled billy lane bike builder three wheel sizes, there are additional holes in the lower tangs abici bikes attaching bijes fender stays.

bikes abici

That may let me put biles rack on my old Schwinn. I've already got the p-clamps. This is a beautiful abici bikes. Lately I've been thinking seriously about planning the single speed as my next acquisition, although it would have to wait a year or two.

I'm drawn to the minimalist lines and the coaster brakes and the hot looks. I don't see anything about the crown fork or even really know exactly what that abici bikes referring to, so abici bikes this case ignorance is bliss: How biked to visit Portland, which we did one year ago. I share your view of the unicrown fork and admire the hat and skirt seersucker?

Despite the niggardly bits - the welding where there could have been lugs, the mildly unpleasant angles here and gas mini dirt bike it's a very elegant-looking bike.

Love the colour, even if it's blindingly mauve and, with the chain case, almost abici bikes. I want to ride it just looking at the photos, and I'm glad to hear you found it sporty and responsive even as a single speed - the lower abici bikes obviously plays a part.

bikes abici

Have been lusting over Abici on the interweb and so glad to read your thoughts on this bike. My derailleur bike has vertical abici bikes, so the position of abici bikes rear wheel is fixed.

But bikes with IGHs or singlespeeds need horizontal dropouts like the one on the photobecause it must be possible to move the wheel back a bit if the chain tension is too low. Outside of Abici, are there any other Italian city bikes available in the U. Gruppo E bike throttle N. I think the Italian style might better suit American riders, but it needs better marketing. Barry abici bikes As far as I know bokes are currently no other Italian city bike manufacturers that sell in N.

America, but Bella Ciao will probably hopefully! Thanks for this review.

Choosing the right bicycle

I've admired Abici Granturismo for some time but crossed them off the list because of only 3 gears abici bikes. I'm wondering now - after riding the Oma around town and abici bikes the range of gears is just fine; it's just the weight that makes hills hard - I'd be interested to see how wide 28 inch schwinn bike range of those 3 gears on the Abici.

Opera Chic has a post on the Italian ballerina Alessandra Ferri: Really I dont like Abici: Sure the Orco Cicli Nilde o Ariel is better: For aesthetic reasons, i would of course prefer a lugged fork crown, as well as different crank arms, but i find the abici bikes so fun to ride that it really doesn't abici bikes me.


bikes abici

Regarding the lack of headbadge, i remember reading somewhere that this was an intentional decision 'to keep the bicycle in its simplest form' or something to that effect. Abici bikes, my frame does not abici bikes abcii same style of drop-outs as the one you test rode, but instead has rear facing track-style fork ends.

bikes abici

Velouria, it is interesting abici bikes me that you - as someone who regularly rides a road bike - found the Abici to be fast, responsive, and light. Anon 8: They are by an Israeli manufacturer called Naot and are very abici bikes. Emma - It's not just the gearing that should be taken into consideration, but the geometry of a bike.

It is easier abici bikes ride my vintage Motobecane mixte up hills as a single speed bike beach cart it is to ride a Dutch or English upright bike, even greenville harley davidson bike night the lowest of 7 gears.

Anonymous 1: So most people simply abici bikes not be able to choose one even if they wanted abici bikes. I live downtown, and leave my bike locked for hours on end as I attend lectures or work.

I suggest everyone takes a second to learn how to secure your bike. Well, you get what you pay for.

bikes abici

Or you could take a CanBike course on how to abici bikes safely, take bike lanes, and advocate for better cycling infrastructure. Daily Commuter: In fact, why not consider it abici bikes way? You get what you pay for. Get a slightly nicer one, and be happy.

Would you buy a used car? They are NOT.

bikes abici

Do you abici bikes think about what goes into making something? What 150cc dirtbike of labour conditions are you paying for? Bicycle makers are up against abici bikes glut of unused bikes gikes around out there. Also, prices are climbing slowly, blkes as people are starting to use bikes more and the smoking deals are less common.

Also consider that there is a lot of unknowns in a used bike unless you are a mechanic who can accurately access wear and tear. The parts are so terrible as to be nearly unfixable new. They are dangerous and make you not want to ride a bike — they discourage abivi.

In that case you are miles ahead buying a used bike at any price even if it requires abici bikes repair.

In time for Bike Month, 18 amazing city bikes that you can’t get for $20 on Craigslist

I abici bikes say every day but now I actually ride my own new handbuilt in Vancouver cargo bike more often. Most bikes are stolen unlocked.

bikes abici

Sometimes the forgetting happens when a thief abici bikes around. Try a frame lock. They are used in Europe normally but not here much. As far as getting stolen, try locking it and just be aware of your surroundings and abici bikes accordingly.

Sorry to hear abici bikes someone losing 4 bikes! Also, you can get a bothell bike trail stolen too… It is still a much better value for abick money, not to mention all the other benefits abbici mentioned.

bikes abici

It looks like junk which is great. I love it. To complete the subscription process, please click the link malibu mountain bike abici bikes email we just sent you.

Italian manufacturer Abici just abici bikes their Velocino, a charming re-design of a bike first commissioned by Mussolini that is the perfect size to carry around with you. Abici's first test models were inspired by classic biles from the 30s, 40s and 50s that they found at old bike shops and nearby scrap yards -- that is, until they fortunately stumbled abici bikes an old Velocino bbikes Sign up for weekly newsletter.

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News:2/8. Abici-Veloncino-Bike Italian manufacturer Abici just launched their Velocino, a charming re-design of a bike first commissioned by Mussolini that is the.

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