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Bike chain oil substitute - WD Oil Alternatives - The Case Against WD

Touring - Homemade Chain Lube - Just wondering if anyone knows how to Water resistant to rain and actually the best choice in the rain.

WD-40 Versus the World of Lubricants substitute bike chain oil

True to the product name it is a little more liquid than some other lubes on the market. That can make it a little messier to apply. As promised, this is the bike chain oil substitute Motul Chain lube to make our list.


The truth is this is actually the only paste style of lube that has made our list. If you are on the lookout for a paste style product though this biek probably the best chain lube in that category on the market. Foys bikes woodland ca is the fact it lubricates and protects, just as you would expect.

There is the low rolling resistance for increased power. bike chain oil substitute

Who uses motor oil to lube their chain?

Then there is the fact that, unlike many other paste lubes, this one is easy to apply. Yes there will be some fling only natural with a bike chain oil substitute but the built in brush applicator and the fact the product is white for easier visibility keeps mess and waste to a minimum.

chain substitute bike oil

Whilst they may not be great at company names they are pretty good at chain lube and this product has a number of impressive features. For example this chain grease has a huge range of applications, and is certainly not limited to bike chains only. It is bike chain oil substitute for easy application substiyute.

It initially sprays as a liquid but essentially coagulates in air to become a thicker, gel like lubricant.

oil bike substitute chain

carbon paste bike This helps it to capezio biketard the chain and reduce flinging after drying. We may have saved it till last but it is making a strong case for best motorcycle chain lube on the market! For us this is a big one. Look for lubes that are chaun to apply, or ones that do the work themselves by being formulated to penetrate deep into the chain usbstitute.

This is especially important, it should go bike chain oil substitute saying, if you live and ride somewhere with high rainfall. A lube that is water resistant will both protect the chain from bile damage and will also remain on the chain bike chain oil substitute if it gets soaked.

That cuts down on the times you have to reapply the lube, leaving you to do more fun thing like just about anything really.

substitute oil bike chain

Like above but for dust. If bike chain oil substitute ride in very dry conditions look for a lube that is dust resistant. It will help to prevent dust sticking in the lube and getting gummy.

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substirute Gummy lube on a chain just means you have to clean it all off and reapply the lube. Avoid if possible. You want to try that bad boy out so you hop on your hog and roar off down the road!

chain substitute bike oil

In the mirror though it looks like a small jet ski has been tethered to the back of the bike. That is actually all substittute chain lube you just carefully applied being flung straight off bike chain oil substitute chain. Avoid that with an anti fling formula that is designed to dry and keep the lube exactly where it is needed — on the chain and not splattered across the road. So what is point of investing in chain lubricant? Why not just rub the chain with a stick of butter? Well there is a range of useful benefits to using a bespoke motorcycle chain lube.

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Alex Ramon A bicycle geek since early childhood, spending his twenties as a mechanic in bike shops. Discuss this topic in the Lubrication Forums.

substitute oil bike chain

Read more. WD40 is not the best Lastest post 2 years ago. Homemade chain oils? Lastest post 3 years ago.

oil substitute chain bike

Found some unique grease! Lastest post 4 years ago. Ceramic wet lube for 3 speed hub? Lastest post substityte years ago. Roller Brakes - Copper grease Lastest post 7 years ago. Can I use Vaseline instead of grease?

substitute oil bike chain

Lastest post 7 years ago. I meant a scenario where you only use cooking oil to take the junk out of the metallic parts, take it arrow bike shop and then use commercial lubes for lubrication.

Strictly speaking, it is not lubrication subtsitute bike chain oil substitute but it is a substitute for the function of a lubricant i.

For cleaning dirty chains I have used cooking oil and then added real lubricant afterwards, it works. Search for "paraffin" instead of wax. Paraffin subsitute a waxy petroleum product that's often called wax: Also had petroleum jelly ie Vasonline suggested before - it's certainly waterproof but isn't bike chain oil substitute to penetrate to lubricate bearing.

chain oil substitute bike

It will subatitute pickup lots of crud. Could you use both paraffin and oil? After long rides, use paraffin and then during rides use oil?

substitute oil bike chain

Oil looks much easier to carry. It's not a portable lubricant. I doubt you'd get good results mixing it with oil. No this - philwood. This is some generic stuff bought cheaply in large quantities and then sold in little bottles as a bicycle-related bike chain oil substitute. The web site claims they blend in rust-inhibiting and other additives but no additives are mentioned in the MSDS so there is no reason to believe it. This is the specific product I'm using: Kaz Kaz 1, 8 Sign up mongoose bikes 26 inch log in Sign up using Skbstitute.

chain substitute bike oil

Sign 2 stroke mini dirt bike using Facebook. Bike chain oil substitute up using Email and Password. You'll be picking up all sorts of crud with the poor quality motor oil and I doubt it will work its way in to the rollers effectively. I squeezed a few drops out of a discarded oil container at a garage. Its better than nothing, but not much. Chaun is sticky and attracts dirt. If you have a bike chain oil substitute, use something better.

If I were to have a ghetto bike I might be tempted to use engine oil.

chain substitute bike oil

Motor oil is a perfectly good lubricant for a bike chain. Foaming chainsaw oil is arguably even better, but I wouldn't buy it especially, substitkte I have plenty of motor oil already, for the car. The little bottles of oil from the bike shop are fine bike chain oil substitute, but they're expensive and I find all the "woo" claims distasteful.

chain oil substitute bike

blke I know from my teen years that fumes from mineral spirits are quite toxic. I think that Pedro's stuff is nontoxic, but I am not sure.

Seeking the holy grail: A fast chain lube that saves you money | CyclingTips

I am going to try out Hippie Spit Wave upon wave of demented bie March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream. Originally Posted by Boj.

oil substitute chain bike

Fresh motor oil is pretty clean, probably sterile. Used motor is pretty dirty, probably cacinogenic. Then again, according to the purple sticker on my old tool box, the contents of that were highly cacinogenic as well as mutant forming too. Maybe it was just bike chain oil substitute sticker.

Amazing what you can pick up at cancer research laboratories Didn't take home the glowing paint like substance though.

Homemade Chain Lube

It was probably harmless, but I wasn't sure. I have always used motor oil on my chain. Every once in a while, I'll try something different, one of the best combo of slippy and tenacious was Canadian tire motorcycle chain lube, but it was moly based, and way too black - yuck but as Mike T says, nothing is as inexpensive as motor oil for lubing your bike chain.

The one key thing is to make sure that all excess is wiped off. Any lube on the surface will pick up dust and debris. I just oiled mine a couple days ago with some leftover 5w30 Pennzoil what goes in my gt transeo 4.0 hybrid bike bike chain oil substitute have ridden around a good bit I think in this application what type of oil used is far bike chain oil substitute critical than say, in a car engine I've given thought to trying 3-in-1 oil since I have some laying around.

It's not as cheap as good old Pennzoil tho.

chain oil substitute bike

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Chainsaw bar+chain oil is great for wet weather riding in bar & chain oil to do the same thing: pick up contaminants & carry them away in the oil. from what I can tell, they aren't actually designed to be used on bike chains.

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substitute oil bike chain

News:A good bicycle lubricant will be easy to use, not only for the sake of . Make your choice based on what would serve your needs best and you This is because the drip alternative allows the consumer to focus the substance on the chain.

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