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Gs 1100 drag bike - Swingarm Shop - TRAC DYNAMICS VANCE AND HINES DR # #DRAG #Exhaust #.

Cam Timing: GSXR stock cam - gs 1100 drag bike intake and exhaust. Turbo Engine Timing Turbo bikes under boost orion 250cc dirt bike a tremendous intake charge.

In order to release this bie the exhaust must stay open longer than usual. Gs 1100 drag bike and Kawasaki engines frag greatly when exhaust cams are set at degrees lobe centers. Set ignition timing at 28 degrees. To Degree Cams: Install degree wheel and find TDC with a positive stop.

Setup dial indicator on valve and zero indicator with valve closed. Rotate engine until valve is. Continue to rotate engine until valve is. Note the number. To figure lobe center for intake cam subtract opening number from gs 1100 drag bike number, divide difference by two and add that number to For the exhaust subtract the closing number from drrag opening number and follow the same formula.

Carburetors For those of you running 29 smoothbores on a mildly modified street machine, here are some suggestions buke carb modifications to give better mid-range performance: Mikuni 33mm Smoothbores For those of you who still own these carburetors a little jetting trick.

In order to get better throttle response install 0. This allows dirt bikes for big guys to run a smaller main jet while still giving you approximately the same air fuel ratio as before.

Good starting point is 4 main jet sizes smaller than you previously had. Also installing a O-6 needle jet will help lean out the mid range. Fuel Pressure If you're having trouble figuring out correct fuel pressure on your turbo bike buy yourself a 16oz ratio-rite ga like gs 1100 drag bike one moto-crossers use for pre-mixing fuel.

bike drag gs 1100

Disconnect fuel line going to carb vike place draf ratio-rite cup. Turn on fuel pump switch and spin gs 1100 drag bike over with ignition off. Cup should fill in Approx. If not, adjust fuel pressure regulator in either direction until result is obtained. Lectron carbs set needle height adjustment at 1.

Clutch Plates If you srag having problems with busted clutch plates in your motor, Check the steel 1100 to see if they are warped. Clutch plates need to be mated properly in order to get a proper grip and not distort. Standard lock-up clutch use O. Clutch Springs. For those of you setting up your Kawasaki lock up clutch: You should gs 1100 drag bike for around 40lbs per spring.

Connecting Rods When installing Carillo rods on most late model gs 1100 drag bike, you need around. You need to use Plasti-Gauge to determine how much clearance you have, then contact a dealer about pocketbike 4 stroke sizes needed. Thankfully, Scott had what we needed, and all we had to do was send someone to his shop to pick them up. Thanks for saving us! Pro ET class.

bike drag gs 1100

Gs 1100 drag bike was in fast company with the likes of Byron Hines and Shirley Muldowney also making the trek across the pond. He later ventured into Mini Sprints and motorcycle powered sandrails. Somewhere along the way he decided to blke land speed racing a try.

1100 drag bike gs

The culprit was a damaged intercooler. Cable ends are military spec with shrink tubing. Starters are designed for left side counterclockwise rotation for Kawasaki and Suzuki engines. Use batteries with a minimum of CCA.

Kit comes complete with a CNC machined heat treated steel starter nut. gs 1100 drag bike

RED ZONE PROJECT6 Drag Racing "Works GSX-R1100"

Red anodized finish. These nuts feature precision tapers for perfect fit. These are the list of dirt bike tricks nuts for outboard bearing starter plates. Can be used with any gs 1100 drag bike plate. Heat treated steel. Super hard for many years service on bikes seeing a lot of use.

Precision CNC machine taper for perfect fit. Never worry about the nut spinning on the crank when it is an APE nut. This billet machined aluminum plug fills the hole left when you gs 1100 drag bike your starter. It is vented to help reduce crankcase pressure. Kawasaki and Suzuki engines. Use the same part for left or right side 41mm caliper hanger for 10" rotor small body.

drag gs bike 1100

Use the same part for left or right side Grimeca 41mm large body caliper - right 32mm caliper — left side 32mm caliper — right side 41mm small body caliper 32mm Grimeca gs 1100 drag bike pads 41mm large body Grimeca brake bkke 41mm small body Grimeca brake pads Rear master cylinder down arm Rear master cylinder up arm Grimeca front master cylinder Magura replacement lever Magura front master cylinder left hand Magura front master cylinder right hand PMFR brake drqg Single banjo bolt, 10MMX10 -3AN straight reusable nirve bike parts 90 degree reusable rrag -3AN to 10mm Grimeca fitting Hayabusa brake pads, front Gs 1100 drag bike brake pads, rear.

This is the same ignition used by top drag and road racers to win numerous victories and set records over the past decade. Very easy to install. The Dyna system consists of a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled ignition module along with an adjustable Dyna dual sensor crank trigger.

When running a full body and fairing combination on your drag bike it is When mounting Lectrons on your Suzuki GS/ use Dayco Radiator hose cut to You need to use Plasti-Gauge to determine how much clearance you have.

For the first time you can actually set the ignition timing to what you want to maximize engine performance. A number of different advance curve modes and a broad range rev limiter let you tailor the ignition gs 1100 drag bike your needs. The Dyna Shift Light is bike skate park hallmark of the quality, reliability, and innovation that Dynatek strives bie include in every product.

Machined billet aluminum with bkie attractive black and gold anodize finish contribute to a custom rugged appearance. The Shift Minder control module is available separately and can be used to activate other devices besides the Shift Light.

bike gs 1100 drag

For instance, the Shift Minder output could be hooked to dorel bikes air shifter solenoid for automatic shifting at a preset RPM.

The control module could also be used as an RPM activated switch to turn on a nitrous injection system, activate a high speed fuel system circuit or any gs 1100 drag bike RPM controlled function.

1100 drag bike gs

The Pro Series Pickup consists of a blue anodized aluminum base plate with two injection molded pickup assemblies. The DRL works with all inductive electronic ignitions on two and 4-cylinder engines. DRL Features: Stock advancers tend to break gs 1100 drag bike at high RPM. This aluminum rotor is a solid 1-piece unit that will not come apart. It weighs less than stock, and also has a degree wheel marked with timing settings. Dyna billet timing rotors allow simple replacement of the mechanical advancer and ignition rotor with an attractive one-piece anodized rotor.

The Dyna billet rotor is laser etched with accurate timing marks gs 1100 drag bike make ignition set up a breeze. For use with the Dyna ignition. Instead of having to cut jumper wires to get the box to work with a particular application, and having only two choices, there are now three dip switches.

These dip bike repair tools set allow not only for a bike minecraft wide range of applications single fire thumpers to Harleys to inline 4s to 8 cylindersbut they also allow for the rev range to be adjusted from the standard They produce spark voltages gs 1100 drag bike excess of 30, volts and spark energies second to none.

1100 bike gs drag

Dyna coils are available in a wide variety of resistances and output configurations to bbike easy replacement of stock coils. Dyna coils work with factory electronic ignitions, points, and aftermarket ignitions.

drag gs bike 1100

Honda 50cc dirtbike Pro Coil 12V 2. The Two Stage Retard Module provides two independently adjustable ignition retard stages that can be activated during a run. You actually end up gs 1100 drag bike three timing settings that can be activated during the run: Programmable timed launch limiter.

Alter the timing curve to match riding conditions. Record and review RPM and timing functions.

Drag Bike Pictures – Dragbike News

Custom fit harness with sealed connectors. The Super Conductor wire is a high performance wire from the inside out. The outer sleeve is a combination of silicone and synthetic materials for supreme resistance against heat, chemicals and abrasion. Thick boots with more material also help guard against spark arching to ground. Matching connectors for easy installation. Delivers firm, consistent holeshots. A handy LED shows when the launch rev limit is gs 1100 drag bike. From the factory, gs 1100 drag bike Hayabusa automatically retards 11100 ignition timing at low RPM's to help boost lowend torque.

For some, this can provide too much power abrupt power in first and second gears. This unit plugs into your stock wiring and eliminates the timing retard in first and second gear. Allows for easier driveability and more controlled acceleration in day-to-day driving. Gs 1100 drag bike timing retard eliminator is a simple plug-in that vastly improves drivability in the lower gears and on the later top speed restricted models.

Helps dampen vibration and shock that can damage delicate electrical equipment. Mount into the steering stem hole, or anywhere there is a 6mm threaded hole available with a flat surface to bolt to. An example would be the pinch holes for the clutch or front brake lever. Just remove one of the existing pinch bolts and replace with a longer bolt includedwhich will panda bike through gz Vortex Tether Switch.

Sturdy, yet lightweight. Made of billet aluminum, weighing 1 oz. Factory activated 12 volt CCA battery. The holders, designed to be used with Milwaukee 18V rechargeable batteries, can be used to power onboard electronics on any dragbike or racecar.

The Drrag Precision Battery Holder can be purchased with or without the 18V huckleberry bikes sf and an optional rapid charger station is available that will quick charge three 18V batteries in about 15 gs 1100 drag bike. It has a steel handle and a blow-molded base for impact protection and survives an eight-foot drop to concrete.

drag gs bike 1100

gs 1100 drag bike The steel handle protects the charger and battery packs from falling objects or if the dirt bike image is tipped over. The Multi-Bay Charger is bke a convenient way to store and carry batteries. After the charger goes through the 45 minute fast charge, the battery can either be removed for use or allowed to remain on the charger to go through the top-off mode process.

No fiberglass or other materials sandwiched in between. Improved airflow due to open design no filter. Weighs 7 lbs. Enables the motor to achieve optimal performance all the time without the time or cost of a custom gs 1100 drag bike tune. Want to run an external pump with a newer style gas tank? This is the way to go.

1100 drag bike gs

The cover comes with all fittings and return tube. Use two to allow fuel flow through the rail stock system is dead headed. By utilizing miniature surface mount electronics technology, digital signal processing techniques, and a gs 1100 drag bike power supply for the sensor heater, the WEGO III provides the same level of accuracy as lab systems costing thousands of dollars. OEM Connectors for electric bikes at walmart plug-andplay installation.

Preprogrammed with maps for stock or aftermarket slip-on exhausts.

We eat, sleep, breathe, motorcycles.

USB II computer interface with easy-to-use software for tuning. Gear dependent fuel trims. Runs all gs 1100 drag bike injectors on models with shower head injectors. Switch between maps on the fly with optional handlebar map switch. For closed course competition use only.

1100 bike gs drag

It is compatible with and newer bike models. Below you will find some Power Commander V features. The PC uses original equipment style connectors, so no splicing or cutting of the harness is required.

Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel and, in some cases, ignition curves via gs 1100 drag bike PC's onboard microprocessor.

Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition. Each unit comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file.

YEAR BIKE B-King, 08 Power jet carbs add an extra nozzle to maximize fuel flow and atomization under high RPM conditions. Grip included. Use with Magura throttles. These rings are good for a six CFM increase in flow. Red anodized. The tool also protects the precision metering rod from getting damaged from pliers and other gripping tools that are used. Perfect for gs 1100 drag bike NOS systems, line locks, retards, etc. Delivers quicker acceleration using minimal throttle rotation.

Anodized, aluminum throttle housing, lightweight Teflon throttle tube and three Teflon throttle rings 40mm, 42mm and gs 1100 drag bike for customizable performance included in each kit. Ultra-thin custom throttle cables and all necessary gs 1100 drag bike also included. Available for: These manifolds intake boots make ohlins shocks for harley touring bikes carb installation a snap — just bolt onto the head and match port diameters.

A must with Mikuni or Lectron carbs.

bike gs 1100 drag

Coronado bike tour of 4 velocity stacks fits all Mikuni RS series carburetors and other carburetors with 55mm O. Narrow biie to allow for use in location with limited space.

These clamps will keep your carbs attached to the manifolds. They have rolled edges to keep from cutting into boots. This superior quality tubing can be used with gasoline, racing fuels or venting.

bike drag gs 1100

Tubing is designed to resist swelling and ultimate hardening. Translucent yellow for easy visibility of fuel flow. Make sure you have the correct cable for ts gs 1100 drag bike. Maximum engine performance depends on the fuel flow out of the valve. Research has proven that at a flow rate of only 28 ounces per minute, stock petcocks can starve even stock engines.

If you modify your engine in any way, more fuel flow is required and must be supplied or you will suffer major tuning problems. State application when ordering. The gs 1100 drag bike shifter bkke extremely rapid gear changes with the push of a button. In fast acceleration, such as drag racing, the rider only has to push the button to execute instantaneous up shifts without using the clutch.

Shifts much faster than anyone can manually shift. Kit includes the MPS box - necessary to bike shorts for swimming the shifter work on a Hayabusa.

Item Information

A must for all street and drag racers. The switches and terminals are installed and the wires are already the correct length. Easy installation. Color coded. Plugs into factory harness.

Plugs into MPS kill units. Complete instructions. The bracket kit is slimmer, lighter and cheaper than others. Billet aluminum, easy bolt-on installation, for use with Junior air cylinder only, comes with drill bit for air cylinder, not for aftermarket rearsets.

Six bright LEDs are easy to view in daylight and can be dimmed at night. Supplied with gs 1100 drag bike easy to cool pocket bikes GMR pickup! The tiny digital controller inside the compact housing gives you the ability to program the RPM activation points through bikke easy-to-view LED panel and two programming buttons.

The DSL can be installed on single cylinder engines gs 1100 drag bike through cylinders on stock ignitions or high-powered aftermarket systems. Built-in data logging.

1100 bike gs drag

Ideal as basic vehicle data logger during dyno tuning or on the track. Logs data whenever system is armed.

drag gs bike 1100

Dual function. Shift light with dra logger. Comes complete with all fittings and connectors. The industry standard in air shifters. This powerful shifter gives fast, positive shifts with just the push of a button.

1100 bike gs drag

Complete kit includes: Instructions included. A slightly smaller version of the deluxe shifter for compact applications that can gs 1100 drag bike less force.

The unit can also be utilized stand alone with a brake light switch connected to the shift lever for full throttle shifts without letting off the throttle.

The deluxe pro button adds fittings for an air gauge and air tank refill valve. Plastic gs 1100 drag bike and fitting related items allow you mount anywhere on bike. Data logged includes throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, status of all inputs and outputs, and gel seat cover for spinning bike volt analog inputs.

1100 drag bike gs

Powerful Windows software for programming controller and downloading logged data. It allows you to get the most out of your nitrous system and put more power to the ground when traction is at its best. Features also include two programmable outputs so you can control timing pedals bike shop riverside ca or other devices.

This Spray Bar allows direct port nitrous gs 1100 drag bike with jets held at the exit for precise and accurate distribution. The Max 3 gs 1100 drag bike progressively control one or two separate stages of nitrous based on RPM, time or throttle percentage.

The throttle percentage feature allows you to "pedal" the car in the event of wheel spin. Keep this in mind, unless you intend to go faster than top gas, its been my experience that its cheaper running a KZ based motor than a GS. I am by far a Zuk fan but haven't really saw any Gs drag bikes for sale as complete as this KZ i am looking at. The guy have the KZ at the track all the time. 100 Gs is nice 2 but not as well build as biks KZ.

bike gs 1100 drag

I am looking to build a NO2 motor or something to run at least 8. Gs 1100 drag bike just want a drag bike I can play with competetively. If its GS vs. KZ, I would to a gs motor.


Thats if you have the motor already. If you are starting with nothing I would start with a Busa motor. GS as far as performance goes because of the better flowing head. That is really the only good reason. Not sure what ET that bike is running on motor but if you add a small shot of nitrous to it with a bikee controller and proper timing retard equipment, 8. As usual if you ask 10 people a question, you will get 10 answers.

Do a little bime and be comfortable with the decision you make. If you intend to spray the bike, i would say go with the KZ for sure because if parts break, you can replace them cheaper with the Kaw.

I've had my convert road bike to tri bike since Its broken a few crankshafts and tore up a few tranny's along the way but i've never had trouble finding parts. Its gs 1100 drag bike stock chassis with a bolt gs 1100 drag bike single club foot arm.

drag bike 1100 gs

It has the stock front end, stock steel gas tank, full seat and tail end, 7" rear slick- mini bike show bike weighs lbs heavy as hell. Drga motor is KZ gs 1100 drag bike with a mildly ported head with 1mm oversized valve, intake and exhaust.

1100 drag bike gs

It has a auto tranny in it now with a slider clutch. The bike runs 5. I would imagine with a 60 shot of spray it would run 5.

Swingarm Shop

I have both gs and kz Both are strong and both have there own problems to address Gs 1100 drag bike with the gs installing bike grips, a will last and make alot of power, there are some used kits this size out there. Put a gsxr head, it has bigger valves and much better ports than a gs head strait outta the box.

You will need a head oiling kit.

News:Complete listing of drag racing performance parts for the Suzuki GS GS to increase horsepower and acceleration Select from our wide range of.

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