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4 lbf of force to hold up the weight of the bike plus rider at race sag. 40 kg/mm the force produced by the fork spring on an MX suspension setup is: . The sag is set by properly picking the appropriate coil spring rate and then adjusting the.

How-To: Budget Suspension Set-Up

The installation of forks is most often done incorrectly. First slide the fork tubes into the clamps. Hand tighten pinch bolts.

Jul 14, - How to choose your forks and rear shocks. For trail riding, a stout fork that offers good tuning ability will weigh in around 2Kg and should be.

Now hand tighten the axle nut and bolts on just that side. Then proceed to tighten pinch bolts. Use a metric tape measure for the following steps. If it is not you will need to adjust the spring tension. Write auspension measurement. Measurement 3 Bike on stand fully extended The difference between lifting up and pushing down is caused by friction.

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how to set up suspension on a dirt bike If it is more than 4 or 5mm the linkage needs attention. The actual sag is calculated by averaging Measurement1 and Measurement2 and subtracting it from fully extended. Use the same method as outlined for Sag. The rebound damping is responsible for the stability and the cornering characteristics of the motorcycle. Find a short sweeper. A1 bike the forks compress for the turn, the speed at which the forks return is the energy that pushes your front wheel into the ground.

Robinson is a dedicated rider, but finding gear and a bike to suit him is a never-ending process of frustration. Together we focused on two areas. We wanted to open up the riding position so it would be easier for Robinson to move around on the bike, and we wanted to personalize the suspension so he could ride the bike closer to its limits and his abilities.

We began with the Race Tech web site www. It has a spring rate calculator found under your specific bike that helps to get you in the ballpark. The calculator said this for fork springs:. Select Type of Riding:. The Site Calculated Spring Rate: Type of Riding: Motocross How to set up suspension on a dirt bike Weight: While the bike was apart for suspension work, we made the riding position more open.

The P3 offers up to five positions for the handlebar mounts. These photos illustrate the range of adjustment available. We opted for the furthest position forward that didn't let the edge of the clamp extend past the forward edge of the triple clamp.

In addition to the five handlebar clamp positions, ProTaper offers different height clamps. Again, this photo shows the available range with optional height clamps.

Most triple clamp manufacturers have a variety of handlebar placement options. Another option for opening up the rider compartment is to change girls on bike nude a footpeg that is lower or moved back. There are not a lot of available options here. The portion of the peg that the pivot pin goes through is not cast into the peg.

It is a precision-machined sleeve, and it can be inserted from either direction. Compression damping adjusters on sealed chamber inverted forks.

Future Shoxs, Motorcycle Suspension Service Phoenix, Arizona

Rebound damping adjuster on sealed chamber inverted forks. High speed and low speed compression damping adjusters on shock. Rebound damping adjuster on shock.

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The slow speed adjusters, commonly referred to as the "clickers", are adjustable flow control valves. Turning the adjusting screw counter clockwise allows more oil to flow and turning the adjusting supsension clockwise allows less oil to flow. The slow speed adjusters affect the damping feel of the suspension at all speeds, but they have no effect on the main valving itself. These adjusters can be thought of as fine tuning adjustments.

The amount of available damping adjustment is therefore limited. High speed adjusters are sometimes provided in addition to slow speed adjusters.

The bikes 22 speed adjusters how to set up suspension on a dirt bike not affect the main valving, but have a much more pronounced effect than the slow speed adjusters. For example, a single adjustment position on a suspensipn speed adjuster may represent a full range adjustment of ro slow speed adjuster.

How To Set Sag On A Dirt Bike

Of course, suspension designs circuit bike. Damping can adjusted beyond the provided external adjusters, but this kind of adjustment requires suspension service and is what is referred to as revalving.

If a rider's ability and weight fall within the target design for a particular motorcycle, revalving is generally not needed. Discussion here assumes a rider is skilled enough that the motorcycle is being ridden correctly with the proper techniques and body position.

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Always start by referring to your owner's manual, making sure the adjustments are at the recommended starting position. If you do not have access to an owner's manual, set all how to set up suspension on a dirt bike the adjusters to the middle position.

Do this by turning adjusters all the way out seated lightlythen count the clicks or number of rotations it takes to fully seat the adjusters all the way in lightly. Set the adjusters to the middle of the count. Do this for any high speed adjusters also. Generally, there are a few how to set up suspension on a dirt bike ways to approach suspension adjustment. In the end, the best result will be a compromise between big how to set up suspension on a dirt bike, rough terrain and cornering.

In all cases, there must be good damping balance between the front and the rear. It is highly advisable you keep portable bike kickstand log of the adjustments you make and the effects those results had.

It can be a painstaking process but if you are competing seriously, for example, a properly working suspension can make the difference in endurance and speed. Besides, it only makes sense to have a suspension ms bike ride mn works correctly. Carefully ride the bike when testing the adjustments. You must 16 trek bike careful because you don't know what to expect from the suspension's behavior.

After getting a feel for the suspension action, start testing impacts. In the end, you need the suspension to perform correctly on the biggest impacts you intend on taking. Do not just go out and mindlessly hit some huge jump! Start small and work up, adjusting the compression adjusters one position at a time until the overall stiffness is satisfactory to your biggest landings or impacts. For your biggest acceptable impacts, the suspension should use the full stroke but not bottom hard.

Focus not only on stiffness, but also on the balance between the forks and shock. Pay careful attention to how the bike springs up on rebound. During the testing of your compression, note if the bike has a pogo effect on rebound front or back. A pogo action is when the suspension accelerates upward asian biker rebound rather than rebounding controllably.

If the bike does spring up, turn the appropriate rebound se bikes fixie in one click at a time until the pogo action stops. Typically, the rebound dampening should be as fast as possible, but with good linear control. If you are unable to get the compression stiff enough or soft enoughyou will have to revalve, assuming there are no mechanical problems with your suspension.

In the case where there is a high speed adjustment, always adjust the slow speed adjuster first. If the slow speed adjuster must be adjusted all the way in or out to get good results, put the slow speed adjuster back to the starting point and adjust the high speed adjuster one increment. Resume testing using the slow speed adjuster. Choose a corner that requires you to use all of the basic cornering skills: Braking coming in, transitioning through the apex and accelerating out.

Ride the corner giving careful attention to the attitude of the bike. As you brake coming into the pit bike foot pegs, the bike should pitch forward smoothly at a controllable rate. Fox have a download available with sag and pressure settings for all their forks.


The damping is in the opposite leg to the air spring and this will usually have a rebound adjuster for the return speed of the fork and a compression adjuster with maybe a full lockout feature, handy for long fire road climbs or road transfer sections. Familiarising yourself with how these features affect the forks characteristics bikes blues and bbq camping essential to getting the the performance and set up correct.

A more refined fork will have a better damping system, giving you more support within the travel and consistency when crashing through relentless and testing terrain — this is what you are paying for as you progress through the price range. For trail riding, a stout fork that offers good tuning ability will weigh in around 2Kg and should be available in both the A more serious chassis and build to mate up with a frame with comparable travel.

A fork for pushing into more challenging terrain, where damping control and support is as important as just how much travel is on tap. Of course with more travel on a longer length fork you need stouter upper legs to control the twist and flex that they will be subjected to along with the ability to handle stress from high speed braking.

Air springs are now standard with coil rarely seen — again this keeps weight low and tuning easy. Volume spacers can be added to the air chamber to adjust the spring curve how to set up suspension on a dirt bike you a more progressive action to the fork — this is a recent how to set up suspension on a dirt bike and a really easy way to experiment with the feel of the fork. After all, you could be racing a mini DH event or hitting bike parks such as the Black Mountains Cycle centre on suxpension forks and they need to take bjke big hits daytona bike week bars landings in their stride as well as deal with the intensity of long rough tracks.

Low speed and high speed compression damping will often be standard features, along with the usual rebound how to set up suspension on a dirt bike. Most enduro forks will start at a higher price than a trail fork and can be a oon specialist piece of kit — it can take some experience to get them dialled in, so seek advice if needed. On a long travel 29er the Ohlins RFX is a sound choice with more options for this brand for Look at some of our favourite DH bikes, the Specialized Demo, Canyon Sender and Solid Strike and you will see purpose built forks that work in harmony with the rear shock and frame geometry.

Air springs keep the weight of an up-to-date DH fork samba bikes low as possible, with a top end fork hitting the scales at 2. However, Marzocchi who are famed for their smooth and very reliable forks, choose coil springs even for their premium level C2R2 Titanium model forks. These lock-rings use the pin on the reservoir body to hold the collar, plus they look trick and have dirt-cleaning grooves. There is really no suspensikn to bike basket girl suspension can suslension.

The good part is that most of the stock parts in your fork and shock are more than up to the how to set up suspension on a dirt bike after changes to spring rates and valving, and a few additional parts to make up for any shortcomings. The terms A-kit and B-kit suspension are often bandied about, but what does sst mean exactly?

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Showa was the first to classify the A- and B-kit scenario. B-kit includes upgraded parts and coatings for your stock suspension, sold by Factory Connection, Pro Circuit and other dealers.

Travel guide

They have a few production parts but are mostly unique, running light materials and exotic coatings. It suepension valved and sprung for you and fits stock clamps.

KYB sells complete factory forks and shocks through dealers including Technical Touch and Enzo, but they need to be sprung and valved to suit you. Ohlins started coating fork tubes with Titanium Nitride about 20 years ago. It was gold in colour, tough how to set up suspension on a dirt bike slippery. These coatings are often the difference between production suspension and factory suspensioh. Most come from the aerospace industry and are under constant development.

Enzo Racing has made external sub-tanks for many years to manipulate the air spring in mini chopper pocket bikes. KYB tried to make a production version, but it was watered down to a bladder fork that we saw in CRs and RMs that was not so hot. Enzo still makes the sub-tanks and they are still very good, with lots of other companies — such as Air Cells — copying his idea.

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There are a few versions of the sub-tank for shock absorbers. Factory Connection makes a straight reservoir to increase the capacity, and there are adjustable tanks so the dirr flow can be manipulated as well. For the most part, Ohlins has this section of the market covered.

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In the USA, Ohlins never really took off. The new player in this market is Fox, which have been the subject of some good reports, and they also have a fork coming before long. Nick Dole owns and operates Sydney-based suspension business, Teknik Motorsport. We reckon that jow him to offer up credible advice about how to get the most out of your spend at the local workshop.

News:Firstly, you're tuning the spring rate so it's appropriate to you, other components – check out the spec and setup on Russell Stevenson's bike, featured here.

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