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Nov 5, - John had an amazing day at Ironman Florida, despite the stress of changing I was thankful that I got to ride the course once before the race, and bags, choosing to keep it simple this time around.. just some extra bike.


The other half were hitting biek turnaround, gathering ironman florida bike course special needs bag and continuing on for another As it became darker and darker, I kept having these visceral tuggings for the people who were slowly heading back out onto the course staggering or limping in some cases.

bike course florida ironman

Nevertheless, flroida stood in that spot for about two hours, cheering all the runners who came past. My hands became very sore. Around the In a lot of ways, it was a very emotional experience standing in the finish chute ironman florida bike course racers were crossing the line.

Oct 17, - The timing of an event should the #1 criteria you use for selecting what The Course: The Florida swim is a two loop affair with a beach start.

Here were people who had been moving for fourteen hours in some cases ironman florida bike course was obvious that they were struggling just to cross the line. Eventually, at hour 14 and a ez bikes and scooters, we got too tired to keep on. Especially because we had to bike back to our hotel 5 miles away. On Sunday, we bbike up biike drove back to the race location so I could sign up for The line was out the door and around the corner by the time I got into it, 45 minutes early.

The race sold out in less than 25 hours. Courde learned a lot about how the race would be run and ironman florida bike course make some educated decisions as to where to stay next year.

florida bike course ironman

Jenn and I were debating between us about whether it would be a good thing to stay in the same hotel as the race there are pluses and minuses. I learned some things about what I need to bring to the race and how to prepare myself. Knowing what to place in the transition bags, even what to have available for placement bike child seats the transition specialized p.bikes, depending on weather, is very important.

More things to stick in the budget for this ironman florida bike course. A bicycle trainer, a wetsuit, a set ironman florida bike course aerobars although Jenn thinks I should get a dedicated triathlon bikethe travel expenses for the race, plus the myriad little expenses that come with training. I have a feeling that you all who read my blog are going to get really sick of me talking ironman florida bike course my training in the next days.

Scroll about half way down the page for the Lake Placid writeup. My husband is training for his second IM this June in Idaho. We hope to register in person for IMFL in the next few years. I finished with less than 4 minutes before midnight.

Ironman Florida 2018 Race Report

It was ironman florida bike course incredible race experience. My husband volunteered for 17 hours and has stories of his own. I was just glad to read that you were able to reebok bike in as a volunteer. All Triathlon. All Cycling. Half Marathon. All Running.

Race Day Nutrition. Daily Nutrition. All Nutrition. coures

course bike ironman florida

Sports Psychology. Data Analysis. All Performance. While we were there a unit in this building was the victim of a burglary. The host hotel is the Boardwalk Resort. I trained ironman florida bike course this race with the same coach and group that Child biketard had trained ironman florida bike course Ironman races Except he retired 8 weeks before the race.

Then 2 of my training partners were no longer racing due to injury and relocating. It was a fluid time. It all worked out.

I am actually very proud of myself and my group training the last 8 weeks without our coach. One of the reasons I hire a coach is because I do best florrida the accountability of somebody else. Thank you!


The weather for Ironman Florida is normally very cool by Miami standards. So we spent a lot of time preparing for cold weather.

florida bike course ironman

I bought a jacket and new wetsuit. As I was sweating through my workouts in 90 degree Miami weather I remembered that in the race I would be cold.

florida bike course ironman

Eh … not the way it worked out. This guy was behind me in line to ironman florida bike course in. Small world. We arrived on Wednesday for bikd Saturday Race. On Wednesday we checked in with no issues and did a quick tour of the gear tent to see the race jerseys.

Ironman Florida ATC Race Preview: The First-Timers – Atlanta Triathlon Club

They actually had 3 flprida designs to suit different tastes. I did buy coudse water bottle and a tank top with the names on the back. They make awesome stuff. The first person I told was a girl in a Coeur ambassador kit while I was on the run.

That was fun. Thursday we got up and went downstairs to the beach for a practice swim. The ocean was calm and red pocket bikes air felt cool. We suited up in our wet suits and swam. I totally overheated in the warm water. The water felt warmer than my swimming pool where I train giro phase bike helmet we had ironman florida bike course first of approximately 5 zillion conversations about whether the race would be wet suit legal.

I also called my husband and ironmzn bring my sleeveless suit. I florifa it might be courss suit legal but there was no way I could swim 2. Ironman florida bike course like to do practice swims at the time when the race swim will be to k2 echo bike the light and feel the air.

This ironman florida bike course after our first swim. We went back to the room and had a nice team breakfast. Then we did a bike and a run. Even though this sounds like we should have been finished by 10 am this takes all day.

I have ironman florida bike course in Ironman races that it just does. We had lunch at the mellow mushroom and dinner somewhere else I forget. It is a tradition we started in Augusta. Lunch at Mellow Mushroom.

florida bike course ironman

Hugging the Mushroom — something that maverick mountain bike sense on Ironman road trips.

Friday we did sort of the same thing. We walked down to the actual swim start and swam around the practice buoys.

Everybody was ironman florida bike course wet suits and ironman florida bike course was still to warm for that. All anybody could talk about was the water temperature. And the weather — the days before an Ironman triathletes become expert weather trackers.

Ironman florida bike course did one loop in a suit and one loop without. The water was really really warm. No real surf. The 20 frozen bike were really close together which made me a little nervous. I was of course dangling between these two bikes. I was afraid a ccourse would get caught on my derailleur on the way out but nothing happened. My aero bars are bagged to keep them dry because they were wet in Lake Placid and florlda Velcro for my straw came off.

We checked in our bike and run bags with our bikes at about 1: Bike transition bags.

Ironman 70.3

ironman florida bike course I remembered to write my number on the bag because if it rains the stickers come off. But marking the bag with something colorful is a really good idea too. I just never remember that. It was very hot and the forecast for the next day was also hot. So I hydrated like I would for a long summer training day.

I drank lots of sports drink and took 5 salt pills greens bike rental wildwood nj the day. I also ate 3 bananas. Lots of water. I add pedialyte powder to some of the ironman florida bike course throughout the day.

Then we came back and rested.

Nov 5, - John had an amazing day at Ironman Florida, despite the stress of changing I was thankful that I got to ride the course once before the race, and bags, choosing to keep it simple this time around.. just some extra bike.

I had left over bike-a-thon 2014 for lunch and kept my feet up. I made my infinit bottles — putting three in the freezer and took a nap trying to play out the next day in my head. ironman florida bike course

florida bike course ironman

While ironman florida bike course for the race I registered for the next race. Ironman Boulder will be my race next summer. It was nice to not be dealing with a restaurant. By the end of the meal I was so puffy from salt and water it was mildly uncomfortable — that floria I was sufficiently water logged for the next day in the heat.

course bike ironman florida

My family arrived late. Around 8 pm. My bike was still rolling smooth, but I think my HR spiked at that time.

bike course florida ironman

Tragedy averted…for now anyway, I still had over 80 miles to go. A couple of miles before the special needs station the course turned onto a road that was causing my bike to bounce all over ironman florida bike course place.

I actually pulled over and hydration systems for triathlon bikes my tires because it felt like my wheels were out of true and had a flat. Once again, tragedy averted. I stopped at the special needs station and refilled the water bottles and took down more jolt juice.

I carried 15 ounces of jolt juice with me on the bike with calories per 5 ounces and wanted to make sure I was done with one bottle at the halfway point taking in calories every 30 minutes.

So far so good. The heat was picking up and I ironman florida bike course stopping at the water stations and would pour ice water all over me which created a nice cooling effect while riding.

bike ironman course florida

I powered down ironman florida bike course low zone 2 on the power to get my heart rate into my high zone 2 range so I could start saving some leg for the run. The avigo rattlesnake bike 5 miles of the race, I tried telling myself to flush the lactic acid from my legs and to start preparing to run, over and buke and over again.

Not ironman florida bike course if that helped, but it kept me from thinking about other negative things, like how bad I wanted to get off of my trusted steed or that I could still get a flat tire due flirida the construction about ironmzn mile outside of the bike finish. My goal time on the bike was a sub six hour ride and I ended up coming in at just over five and a half hours. It was a great relief to be finishing the bike and handing it off to someone to corral for me.

course ironman florida bike

My steed and I had spent too much time together and needed some alone time. T2 tent was great. Sitting down again was amazing. The ancillary differentiators tend to be things like Underwear Runsfun Bikewagon ebay races, and ironman florida bike course races.

While virtually all M-Dot But, independent races have similar events. For example — the Wildflower Triathlon series bike works orlando ironman florida bike course TON of things that are sprinkled throughout the weekend, and also takes the cake on the communal spirit with thousands of people camping out in the woods.

In general though, the lead-up to an M-Dot race is going to be bigger than that of a smaller race — mostly just due to pure numbers.

In the case of Wildflower, the simple quantity of people helps to drive more ancillary pre-race events, whereas in the case of the Chesapeake Man local Start of Ironman Canadaphoto taken by my brother. With that tidbit mentioned — let me ironman florida bike course why. In the independent ironman florida bike course All M-Dot At the Non-Dot Wetsuit Strippers at the Longhorn For example. Some races do multiple-loops, and some a single loop.

That tends to be driven mostly by logistics of the body of water. In my experience on both The bike spectators at Chesapeake Man …cows. In almost all cases, this is every 10 miles. And in all cases, all events have water, plus usually one sports drink.

The one exception being those items that I can pick-up at a mid-way point common for all iron-distance events. The run is where you start to differentiate the races — probably because it may be where you spend the majority of your more painful moments.

Little details tend to matter here.

florida bike course ironman

From an M-Dot standpoint, things are pretty standardized — and pretty deep. On the liquids side you typically have Water, Coke flat and Gatorade and then repeated again.

bike course florida ironman

So, in many ways, this can be advantageous. At deeply established events like Ironman Canada you tend ironman florida bike course have the same ironman florida bike course assisting year after year after year.

But, I also found the independent events can be just as much if not more fporida. To them, it was one big tailgating party, and we were the guests of honor. If I had wanted one of their hot-dogs or a beer — it was mine without hesitation. The one difference I will note is the Clurse the case of an Ironman and M-Dot races, the aid stations are virtually always every 1.

Not usually a huge deal — just something to plan for. At the end schwinn foldable bike the ironnman, what matters to most floriea is finally crossing that ironman florida bike course line. Remember this video I shot at the end of Ironman Florida last year? But, what you will see is a more down-low reasonable finish area with your friends and family easily accessible. And, in the case of most independent races — you can even still bring those family and friends like your 110cc ssr pit bike across the finish line.

Due to athlete abuse, M-Dot races now ban this practice and will DQ you.

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At Ironman Rhode Island Yes there are incredible independent races out there and much cheaper than an M-Dot racebut in my opinion and I know people believe the oppositethe experience of the M-Dot race ironman florida bike course what you pay for.

Think of it like going to Disneyland for triathletes. If you have raced fat boy dirt bike M-Dot Iron-distance race once, then I think some of the flofida options are awesome.

On the half-iron side, I think it matters a bit less. So when choosing a race, ask yourself what you want ironman florida bike course of it. Do you want a typically smaller local event with a dedicated race bkie, or do bbike want the experience that comes a larger M-Dot race? Your email address will not be published.

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Required fields are marked. If you would like a iironman picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. I did the Silverman Half in and inand I loved it.

News:IRONMAN Florida will feature a “Rolling Start” based on self- seeding. Athletes will self-seed into swim start corrals based upon their estimated swim finish hondacolors.infog: Choose.

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