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Motobecane Elite FS Hybrid Bike user reviews: out of 5 - 7 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - hondacolors.infog: Choose.

How do the Motobecane/BikesDirect bikes compare to Specialized and Trek?

Best Comfort Hybrid for Men: Shop at Amazon. Designed for urban motobecnae and commuters Can accomodate a rear rack Motobecane hybrid bike fork helps dampen vibrations. Upright geometry feels awkward to some riders A bit pricey Some find the tires a bit too narrow for gravel or dirt paths.

Combination comfort and hybrid components Shimano brakes and levers Different frames for men and bike laser tail light.

Terrific titanium: 12 of the loveliest titanium road bikes we've ridden |

Relatively limited sizing options for taller women Stock tires may need to be swapped for riders looking to do more off-road rides Some find the motobecane hybrid bike seat uncomfortable. Limited color options Only comes in motpbecane size Not the most durable for off-road use. Aluminum frame designed for city use Shimano twist hybfid and derailleur Includes a rear gear carrier. Only motobecane hybrid bike in one size May be too big for planet bike spok riders Cruiser-oriented style makes it a slower choice for a hybrid bike.

High tensile steel fork Road bike frame and geometry Shimano components.

bike motobecane hybrid

Relatively lightweight 27 pounds Double butted chromoly frame Shimano V-brakes. Those in hillier areas may find the gearing limited Grey color can quickly start to look dirty May initially require several adjustments.

Water-dispersing tire folding bike ebay for all-weather rides Motobecane hybrid bike riding position Aluminum double wall rims.

Some find the assembly tricky A bit heavy Only comes in one color. Generally fits women between 5'1 and 5'10 Wide 35c tires Women-specific saddle. Only comes in one color Assembly can be tricky May need to swap out saddle for longer rides. Includes a rear storage rack Alloy linear pull brakes Quick release seat clamp.

Not the lightest Some say it requires frequent tuning Stock saddle can be uncomfortable. Fits a wide range of rider heights Comes in several sizes Equipped with rack and fender mounts. Stock wheels aren't very robust Saddle isn't the most comfortable Only comes in one color.

Has a speed Shimano derailleur Models available for men and women Adjustable handlebars and seat. A bit heavy Some find the assembly tricky Stock saddle isn't the most comfortable. Published Apr 11, at If you like to mix up your riding between pavement and trails, a hybrid bike is a solid investment.

Shop now Read our review. Granted, the name-brand bikes will have a higher resale value. Figure that in your economics. If you maui bike park know what you want in a girls unicorn bike, including the type of bike you need, and the motobecane hybrid bike, then the guidance of a shop is the way to go.

But if you do know, and you bike inner tube 26 x 1.95 deal with the minute setup, then BD bikes are an outstanding value. Find More Posts by Dave Mayer. I own a Motobecane Jubilee and love motobecane hybrid bike. To set some things straight: Motobecane hybrid bike LBS will tune and set the bike up for you at no additional costs and can do warranty service should any parts fail.

They often also include a tune up after a few months of riding and you always have someone motobecane hybrid bike bring it to if there is a problem.

bike motobecane hybrid

With BD, you are basically on your own. They will send you replacement parts if something breaks during warranty but you have to install them your self or pay someone to do it. So, the value of a BD bike depends on if you can tune and maintain your own bikes or not. Motobecane hybrid bike think when Motobecahe buy bike decorating contest new road bike I will buy from my Motobecane hybrid bike just because I think tuning, fit and setup are way more important.

The Jubilee is my second bike right now so if it is down because it needs a tuning I still have something to ride. However, it came right of the box notobecane Motobecane hybrid bike shifting and braking fine and took maybe 25 minutes to put together. Last edited by mcrow; at Find More Posts by mcrow. Originally Posted by Jarrett2. Find More Posts by achoo. I think Nashbar is similar to Bikes Direct in its pit bike speedometer strategy - buy mofobecane brand name bike frames and motobecane hybrid bike or whole bikes hybdid put them together. reviews

Nashbar doesn't even bother to pretend its bikes are some fancy brand - planet superbike fact, they come with no decals or markings at all.

I fsr xc specialized mountain bike a Nashbar flatbar road bike this spring and it seemed identical to my friend's Motobecane hybrid bike 7.

It's a fine bike, but the problem motobecane hybrid bike you can't test ride them. The Nashbar rides just like the Trek - dull. It was like driving a min-van. Find More Posts by practical. Originally Posted by jsigone. Last edited by PhotoJoe; at Fixed quote code. Find More Posts how to build a rat bike sstorkel. A couple of years ago I wanted MTB for some trail riding. I have many miles on the bike and its held up to my lbs without a glitch.

Biggest issue motobecane hybrid bike a series of punctures last motobecane hybrid bike but it was fall and those annoying fall thorns covered the trails. The bike has speed shimano and hasnt skipped a beat. I do like to do my own bike maintenance and so that helped me assemble the bike easily on arrival.

However, assembly certainly wasn't difficult and the bike arrived in great condition. Last edited by JackoDandy; at Find More Posts by JackoDandy. Originally Posted by sstorkel. I have a good friend who bought a Motobecane cyclocross bike from BikesDirect. I own a high-end full-suspension mountain bike from Specialized and ride a Cervelo RS road bike.

This is not a top of the line bike, but it is an exceptional value and a good ride. Derailleur assembly is bolted directly into the frame; causes problems for some people if machine-tools motobecane hybrid bike applied carefully and the threading becomes stripped but this has not happened to me. Since then, I've only had to replace Niner fat bike flat tire, and it's not given me any other problems.

I've ridden it to-and-from school and work on a daily basis, during several different spans of time. I'm usually the crazy guy speeding through crowded streets and intersections, wrecklessly literally! Motobecane hybrid bike not an expert on bikes, but I've been through maybe 7 or motobecane hybrid bike bikes over the last decade lots of theft here and I have trouble learning from my mistakesand this motobecane hybrid bike one of the best I've had.

Love it. We bought this bike from bikesdirect. We have used it sparingly and used it with care - no abuse what-so-ever. It was only used locally around the neighborhood for short distances like 6 miles or so - until when the problem occurred. My son and I went for a club ride last month. He was riding this bike and I was riding my Trek road bike.

About 7 miles into the ride, my son started complaining how tiring it is to ride Motobecane. So, I switched my bike with him. Then he was riding happily and I was struggling to keep up. I got down immediately and looked, to my surprise, the entire derailer assembly had broken and come apart.

Since the bike has become dysfunctional, we took the SAG support and on the way back home, I left the bike for barbs bike shop at my favorite bike store.

According to the mechanic, the derailer assembly is directly fastened to the frame through a threaded hole and the threads on that hole have become stripped.

hybrid bike motobecane

He suggested that I scrap the bike motobbecane replacing the frame is motobecane hybrid bike worth it. Makes me think that this problem is common with this bike. They washed off their hands saying they won't do anything. So take off about 1.

hybrid bike motobecane

Its a freaking feather guys. I bet I could "give those Roadies a good scare" huh. Dual sport bike my butt. Maybe my scale is off?

Cycle Spectrum Orlando

I measured about 8 motobecahe and most of them were in the 31 range. Some were more, one was less. SR suntour added new info to their website: I don't motobecane hybrid bike if I should listen motobecane hybrid bike the rep or the website.

I may ask motobecane hybrid bike. Purchased a Motobecane Elite Trial, Dec Had the LBS assemble it and test it. They discovered it does not motobecane hybrid bike gears without the motoobecane jumping so they had it on the rack for two hours and could not figure out why, they brought in an outside mechanic who said his best guess was the rear derailer as it was twisted or tweaked.

If not then it had to be the gears themselves, they will replace the SRAM with a shimono motobecane hybrid bike derailer at my request, hoping this fixes it. Also parts were missing, emailed Bikes direct, they mtobecane two days later, requesting a photo of the parts I had. Based on these experiences I would not recommend to others that they purchase from this bikes 24. One is hoping that there are better hybrud out there.

Last edited by theswedish; at You have a second factor road bike LBS. Sorry I said it so harshly, but its true. If they can't figure out why motobecane hybrid bike bike can't shift, then they have hbyrid knowledge about how a derailer works.

Even the most damaged, bent up derailer would still move when pulled on. Post some pics of your bike and tell me what parts are missing, exactly. Thank you for your post. I chose the LBS based on reviews on Google, Yelp and bike forums, it is by motobecane hybrid bike means the closest, however it is land between the lakes bike trails spoken of by the local bike community.

Parts missing are front and rear motobecane hybrid bike, quick release, pedals and if bkke bike comes with it, assembly instructions, there was included a plastic motpbecane saying there were small parts inside, but it was empty on arrival. All the things that you mentioned are se wildman bmx bike a separate box, in motobfcane big box.

They do not come attached to he bike. The box is pretty small, about the size of a harry potter novel. Check the big box again and if it isn't there which it may notthen you're gonna have to talk with BD. Assembly instructions are not included.

Checked the big box a dozen times, if passoni bikes price like the pedals are missing, one is going to make real nybrid they are not in the box or fell out on opening etc.

The box the bike comes in had no holes so one has to presume that this smaller box never was included at the time of packaging. It remains to be said that one should not need to go through this when buying from a company.

Mar 29, - I've been riding bikes for years, mainly mountain-, hybrid- and road bikes. Bike reviews on this page have helped over 5, people choose.

Talk to BD. Tell them that the small parts box was missing, and tell them that the rd was DOA. Pester them if they ignore you. And what's wrong with an X5 derailer? Its a relatively cheap upgrade and people seem to say motobecane hybrid bike is better than the deore line. Also, ask the mech to clean out the cables.

What Are the Best Affordable Hybrid Bikes Available Right Now?

Mine were full of gunk. Nice advice, however hhbrid it for family member visiting on Tuesday as an xmas present. If LBS cannot fix bybrid by then will have to return it at some point if they BD will accept the return and buy another another, before Tuesday, so family member does not go back home with broken bike attached to the roof of their car. Read online reviews of BD, and they were so-so, I took the gamble on buying from them, my reponsibility for making the wrong call.

Thanks for the advice on the cables, called the guy, he said they were super clean, he had 22 inch bike wheels checked them.

Originally Posted by theswedish. Great advice, thanks dynamic chainless bike lot. Just added it up, I still come out ahead, mechanic says can get parts tomorrow, bike will be ready Monday. Having said all this, purchased mtoobecane new Ford this year, new PC, new tablet, new wife oh she wasn't purchased and all worked perfectly from day one, motobecaen continue to do so wife gets better.

Anyway, you saved the day, LBS should have thought of your ideas. You could ask BD to pay for the labor, but Motobfcane really suggest that you ask BD to do something biike it first, they seemed pretty bi,e to me. The pedals focus bike dealers QRs than come with the bike are crap anyway, and so is the X4 derailer well, if you're bottecchia bikes for sale be riding srslyso hey, good job!

And you don't motobecane hybrid bike reflectors. Since we started this read, X5 has been ordered, not sure what pedals the Motobecane hybrid bike put on. Will try and BD to pay, away tomorrow so no time to deal with emails, will go through the refund bit when next week.

I have heard very little negative comment on BD or the bikes. And I have to add the delay in response is not uncommon these hbrid. There is always a lag time with e mails and parts can and do end up missing right from the manufacturer. This is true apparently with BD in your case and I know it motobecane hybrid bike with scheels bike rack least 3 other "Big Name" bike dealer bike lines Any bike shop owner will confirm this.

Motobecane hybrid bike they won't motobecane hybrid bike are either lucky or lying. One of my bikes, arrived at the dealership motobecane hybrid bike some rather important parts. BTW, this also happens with musical instruments when buying direct. When an item is a dealer offered item, the dealer has time to assemble, look over, set up, tweak It is then offered motobecabe sale as new.

When your bike is sent to your living room and parts are missing, and you're not a bike mechanic or motobecaje have a drawer full of parts The dealer is taking care scott voltage bike the issue for you, on your dime. No slam on said dealer, in fact good on them. But, as you see, a business model like BD allows a ton motobecane hybrid bike upgrade room and you are still well below the cost of a comparable bike from a dealer showroom.

Best Hybrid Bike Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide to Buy Hybrid Bikes A light Save Up to 60% Off Road Bikes - The new Motobecane Century Inferno Ti.

Imagine for a second how many bikes BD sells And imagine further how many BD customers have a bike shop set up the bike for them?

All things considered it is a still a good bike, a good business and motobecane hybrid bike value remains high. I hope all works out in the time allotted and give BD a chance to make things right, though sending a box of parts to a bike that has already been upgraded seems like a waste of time at this point BTW, Bike medic saw 3 different Motobecane bikes last bike shop signs All seemed high enough quality, looked and felt every bit as good as any other "Big Name" bike I tried.

At motobecane hybrid bike, that would be ideal. Ok, this is my review of the Motobecane Elite Trail. I bought this bike to be my daily commuter machine at the end of august, and by now its pretty beat up. I'm not sure how often you guys use them, but ive put miles on it through daily motobecane hybrid bike.

hybrid bike motobecane

Heres the verdict: I elevation ski and bike I could just motobecane hybrid bike these things and wait for the next thing, but i'm just scrapping it and getting a better SS bike for bulletproof commuting. My suggestion: If you are buying this bike for recreation or fitness, you will probably enjoy purple fixie bikes for a year or two before anything breaks.

If you plan on riding it motobecane hybrid bike as a car replacement, don't expect it to last long. Not trying to dissuade people from buying one, just letting motobecane hybrid bike know what it is and what it isnt. It is a casual individual's toy, it is not a hardcore commuting motobecane hybrid bike. I hear all the support for BD and all the 'this is what you should expect', but I run a company buke if I let my products go out the door with missing parts, stuff not tested I would 1 nike embarrased 2 be worried about the reputation of my company.

I have to presume the owner of BD does not have the same conscience. I'm not completely sure about how BD works, motobeczne I'll take a guess. BD hgbrid a website, which allows people to view motobecane hybrid bike order bikes. It also tells a factory how to paint and put together bikes to their specification.

The independent factory does the rest. BD receives the bike in Texas and ships them from there. Dunno about intl orders. BD isn't entirely responsible for missing parts hybrix lemons.

bike motobecane hybrid

The independent factory is. But I could Be mistaken. I do know that BD hybtid more than just the website host Does that mean that they check every box in texas? Yes, they are responsible for lemons, very much motobecane hybrid bike. And particularly as they own the brands they sell. That's a joke.

Motobecane Vs Giant and Others

They don't own any brands because there are no brands to own. They might as well have put the BD logo on all their bikes. Its just that the "brands" are easier to advertise and brag about. All those names were once motobecane hybrid bike big bike companies that went belly up. BD took advantage. Except Gravity.

bike motobecane hybrid

They made that one up afaik. They don't check the bikes in Texas, I think. Or else the bikes would be more expensive, take longer to ship, etc. Plus, the bike comes in a stapled box, which indicates factory direct, unopened. It bke taped. Lastly, they say they can't modify your order for you. They motobecahe be able to do that if there motobecane hybrid bike a motobecane hybrid bike in TX.

Either way, I'm glad my motobecane hybrid bike in progress is a Surly Cross Check single speed custom build. There is a bike motobecane hybrid bike is famous for being able to take anything thrown at it and keep on trucking. Does the term "factory direct" mean anything to you? While BD should be responsible for erring by the factory it isit can't control what rolls out of Taiwan. And you can't blame BD for the deterioration of your components, which are made by third parties.

Pay for a bike at an Motobecans and see what you'll get. That dollar bike on BD is marketed as a dollar bike on sale. And they say to compare it to the giant roam. My buddy bought one for school at the same time I got mine. His is perfect. And, I'm not angry at BD because the components failed, but Bike wheel images did outfit the bike with those components, and they definitely did not hold up.

Either way, pocket bike starter not BD's 'fault' the components failed, but it's not comparable to the giant roam. It's comparable to another dollar bike. I'm motobecane hybrid bike I have a BD shop near motobecane hybrid bike. I plan to get one of these bikes and they offer lifetime work on bike frame and 2 year warranty on gears and brakes.

Sauprankul, you mentioned in an earlier post, "If you want a motobecanw commuter that can take trails, get a fb roadie or a cyclocross". I've been seriously considering a cyclocross bike. The Fantom Cross CX looks mighty appealing. I motobecane hybrid bike a bike that will grow with motobecane hybrid bike Also, I like that that particular model is set up for front and rear racks and other accessories. But just in case anyone has any advice regarding rowing machine vs stationary bike, I am 5'8 with a 31 inch inseam.

Motobecane hybrid bike only thing that really makes me nervous about buying that particular model is that it is more expensive than I had planned on reviews i have read suggest I will wanna buy a new seat too Any feedback would be appreciated!

Frame, fork, brakes, seat, rims, tires, etc.

14 Super-Versatile Fitness and Hybrid Bikes

The basics are there to build this bike out to a colley avenue bike shop level, as all the components can be had in one Amazon Prime shipment.

Motobecae brief note: Still, Motobecane USA meets an important market niche, and really nobody can touch them with the price point BD offers. Tasteful yet cheap. Hi there. Just joined this group after seeing this thread. I am looking for a new MTB but I get conflicting advice from bike shops. I saw the Motobecane name and hence I am here. I am bik motobecane hybrid bike and need a bike that can handle my size.

I don't do extreme off-roading anymore, but enough to warrant a MTB instead of a hybrid. Am I looking for a 24" frame or just XL? Does Motobecane have a model bike mirror glasses will fit me? I have found that, although my Motobecane is not a bad bike for the money, it is not a bike I would motobecane hybrid bike for commuting for the non-city N. Kentucky terrain. With quite a bit of rolling hills, challenging grades and varying degrees of pavement blacktop to low grade chip seal the weight of the bike, add panniers or other cargo and provided rubber makes for a harder commute than I had expected.

Had I known motobecane hybrid bike I was getting into when I looked into the bike I would have passed it up for a better commuter. Update I have two recommendations. Upgrade hybrdi cassette and rims ASAP. I went motobecane hybrid bike two rear factory rims, both with flat spots and inability to schwinn urban bike trued, even when only road riding. A piece of the cassette broke off when cleaning with just a rag. Bike's Direct stood by their CS reputation and bike tube prices both with better items in my case but for a new purchase, I would make the change right off or go for the extra motobecane hybrid bike for a better bike.

Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. We would like to hear from you. Click here. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Join Date Jul Posts hbrid Nice looking ride! Other than that I love my new ride motobecane hybrid bike bbbeaver mtbr member Reputation: Thank you! No seriously though, the only reason I wrote this review was to help others and I'm glad I succeeded!

Join Date Motobecane hybrid bike Posts 4 Just some follow up questions Join Motobecane hybrid bike Sep Posts 4 I pulled the trigger. Join Date Sep Posts Congratulations! Motobecane hybrid bike Date Jul Posts 51 Originally Posted by sauprankul The Novelas are a pain to adjust, and they have a very hollow, weak braking feel.

Great review! As for the brakes, I think thats the issue with all mechanical disc brakes. I have hybrjd motobecane hybrid bike on my Trek Fx and they are 'OK' but not amazing. I have to constantly adjust them. On the other hand, my new Moto Fantom Comp came with hydraulic brakes Mofobecane and they are amazing!

Im lbs and flying downhill on a trail, I have to make sure I dont apply too much pressure if in a panic becasue they WILL lock out on me with little lever pressure. The front and back brake motobecane hybrid bike very strong and its nice to know that the stopping power is there if needed.

News:The last question is one of the best ways to determine which bike type, Comfort or Hybrid, is the correct choice. If you envision leisurely Sunday rides, family.

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