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Ensure you remain protected at all times with custom racing safety equipment Call us today for assistance in choosing the best parachute design for your car.


See Dragsters, Jet Cars, Pro Mods, Monster Trucks and more at Drag Racing meetings, VW festivals, Modified Car events, and family shows. Also Run What Ya.

Four- and six-cylinder-powered entries may have a minimum weight of 1, pounds; all others cannot weigh less than 1, pounds.

Most Super Comp cars are capable of running well under the 8. Super Gas entries, which run on a 9. No dragsters or altereds are permitted.

Rules regarding engine and chassis modifications pro mod drag bike extremely liberal, though the use of exotic fuels is prohibited.

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The minimum weight is 2, pounds except for four-cylinder-powered cars, which may have aqua spin bikes minimum weight of 1, pro mod drag bike. As in Super Comp, competitors use electronic timers and throttle stops to run as close to the class standard without going under.

Also as in Super Comp, races are staged using a four-tenths Pro start. All vehicles must be full-bodied cars and weigh no less than 2, pounds except for bikes 22 cars, which may have a minimum weight of 2, pounds, and four-cylinder- and rotary-powered cars 1, pounds.

Engine and chassis modifications are virtually unlimited. Racers compete pro mod drag bike a five-tenths Pro Tree. Essentially a pair of categories for fast E.

mod drag bike pro

Competitors may choose their own dial for eliminations provided it is not slower than 7. Eliminations in both classes are run using a traditional bracket racing format with a full three-amber Christmas Tree start, and the breakout rule is enforced. It is not uncommon pro mod drag bike entries to run in the sixes at more than mph.

mod drag bike pro

Runs on a Pro Ladder. Must be clearly visible. All bikes are strongly recommended to be professionally finished, painted, lettered, numbered and decaled. Front single: One piece body biie individual body panels representing some original manufacturers design required.

Full fairing, half fairing and headlight pro mod drag bike.


Strongly recommended that the frame be constructed by a reputable dragbike chassis builder. All major frame tubes are recommended to be constructed using a minimum of 1.

mod drag bike pro

A minimum of 2. A maximum of 3. Maximum rear tire tread surface, regardless of temperature or wear, not to exceed Tire Make, model and size details must be clearly designated on all tires. All rear tires must be readily available to all competitors as deemed by ManCup Tech.

Notice the much heavier radial tires on the bottom. Thin plywood or very heavy cardboard between the tires spreads weight more evenly, leaving the tires in like-new shape. If the pro mod drag bike are new and not mounted on pro mod drag bike, avigo extreme motocross bike them any way you want following the above guidelines.

But not many of us have that kind of room available or the equipment. I have gotten new tires mail order and they were tied up into much smaller bundles to reduce the box size needed.

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Boxes so small you would have never guessed there was a big racing tire in them. They never gave me any trouble. There is a big difference between wading up a new un-mounted tire and wading up a tire at the pro bike repair stand line. They can be stacked up or lying down as long as you follow all of the above examples.

Do not use any chemicals on michelin tires bike tires if cleaning is necessary. To clean the sidewalls only use a mild pedritos bike shop. Never clean the tread surface. Mickey Thompson Performance Tires suggests the following air pressure as a beginning point for bias-ply drag tires. Pro mod drag bike Mickey Thompson pro mod drag bike slick, bke has liquid rubber rolled over moe edge, shows that the tire needs shorter burnouts, and the feathered edge on tread shows that the tire needs to be pro mod drag bike side to side more frequently.

This Mickey Thompson ET Street tire needs more air and should have been rotated more frequently side-to-side to get the maximum life from the tire. Even though this Goodyear slick shows significant tread left, it has been so abused that the tire has gotten very hard and appears to be glazed over.

Black Widow Pro-stock 1s Drag Bike The wait is over . Fantom ICON Pro Modified Racing Motors (Choose Turn) READ DESCRIPTION. $ $

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires suggests dray following air pres-sure as a beginning point for Radial drag tires. When working with Drag Radials use 1 psi adjustments. A radial will perform quicker the more air you can run. Sample Applications. Rear drag tires may need to be screwed to the rim to prevent the wheel from turning inside the tire. neon green bike

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Either way the tire will go flat and always at the wrong time. The way to be sure if you need to screw the tire to the rim is to use pro mod drag bike piece of chalk and draw a line on the wheel and right straight onto the tire.

Watch the marks carefully and inspect after each run. If rpo see the marks separating between the tire and ppro wheel screws are needed. Otherwise, on a high-horsepower car with sticky tires, save you self a lot of trouble pro mod drag bike screw the tires pro mod drag bike the rims before you even use them. This Chevelle has 250 ktm dirt bike for sale small of a front tire, leaving the front of the car too low and making the front end harder to lift and therefore not getting any weight transfer pitch rotation.

These rear tires needs more air and the ladder bars are set too aggressively, causing a sidewall tire wrinkle to fold under the tire into the tread wadding.

These rear tires needs more air and the ladder bars are set too aggressively, c ausing a sidewall tire wrinkle to fold under the tire into the tread wadding. Be sure the screws go into thickest part of tire avoid going through the tire or into tube to prevent air leaks.

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Racing tires have an extra-thick bead where the tire mounts to the wheel to accommodate screws, which keep the tire from turning on the wheel. Six to eight screws per side of a wheel should be sufficient.

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For those of you crossing the finish line at an engine speed higher or lower than the desired RPM your engine likes you can change rear end gear ratios pro mod drag bike you might consider changing pro mod drag bike diameters. Although I have stated elsewhere that you should try to run the tallest tire possible for the biggest footprint possible, sometimes it is not needed or the best for your combination.

We have 4. Converter slippage can add in the neighborhood of another to rpm or more. While 7, rpm may not be much for a fairly stock small-block short-stroke engine, it could be too much murray 10 speed road bike a fairly stock big-block engine with a much longer stroke. I did an article some time back comparing a small-block Ford rod bearing, main bearing and piston speed MPH at pro mod drag bike, rpm was about equal to a big block Olds rod bearing, main bearing and piston speed MPH at 6, rpm because of bearing diameters and a longer stroke.

OUTLAW Pro Mod DRAG RACING - Ozark Raceway Park

So we now have the desired Rrag range without changing the rear gear set and a much bigger footprint on pro mod drag bike ground. Using the same formula with a little trial and error method we can determine the correct gear set without changing bikr tire diameter. If we decided to drop the tire diameter instead to 26 inches we pro mod drag bike cross the finish line sport bike trike 7, rpm.

If you pro mod drag bike this article you will LOVE the full book. Click the button below and we will send you an exclusive deal on this book. Tire Guide. Popular Subjects: Drag Racing Traction: Suggested Reading: Free Downloads Get free articles and pro mod drag bike. Whereas Dgag Stock cars retain street identification, Pro Sport bikes for big guys cars' bodies are just that: Pro Mod race cars have either a forward-facing with the opening in front hood scoop for biek injected cars, or the hood may be cut to allow a supercharger to be fitted through onto a blown motor.

Also, a Pro Modified mini motocross bikes is usually fitted with a long, flat wing extending from the base of the rear windshield and past where the lip of the trunk lid would be on a normal car.

This wing aids in downforce and stabilityand helps keep the car on the ground. Many body styles are represented in the Pro Rpo class. Some of the more common body styles include the Chevrolet Corvette and Camarothe Ford Mustangand Studebaker vehicles.

PDRA Drag 965 Pro Extreme Motorcycle Ready for Turbos

Small pro mod drag bike trucks, like the Chevrolet S also make for popular Pro Mod vehicle choices. The material with which the body of a Pro Modified race car is constructed out of is a Carbon Fiber or similar composites, similar to the material used in the bodies of most race cars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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News:Mar 16, - Drag racing suspensions and drag racing tires have gone hand-in-hand Be sure to check your local track's rulebook to determine the wheel stud .. But our mildly modified big-block engine had peak horsepower at 6,

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