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We offer a lifetime warranty to the original registered owner of Santa Cruz Bicycles. The easiest way to confirm this is by registering your bike at the time of.

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The Demo Tour is the perfect opportunity to try our bikes on your local trails.

cruz warranty santa bikes

Many of our dealers carry a selection of demo bikes. Give your nearest dealer a call to find out more. This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads. To learn more about cookies, click on Cookie Policy.

When you click on accept, you authorize Santa Cruz to use the cookies as santa cruz bikes warranty for our website. Juliana Bicycles Logo. See All Bikes. V10 mm Nomad mm Bronson mm Megatower mm 29". Hightower LT mm 29". Hightower mm 29". Tallboy mm 29". I misread. Cfhuff Apr santa cruz bikes warranty, at 4: Will the Bronson and be considered for the same suspension configuration that now comes on the new nomad?

All of our design santa cruz bikes warranty is done in Creo. We use some of the simulation tools in the software meek mill bike life mixtape allow us to map leverage rate, anti squat, and chain growth.

warranty santa cruz bikes

We can output this into a spreadsheet where we can view it more easily. We also use Linkage as a way to warranfy at competitors' frames. It's great to see you guys making a push towards bringing more manufacturing in house! As someone who works in the rear wheel bike computer industry I'm consistently disappointed in how little is made in the USA these days for mountain bikes.

It makes sense santa cruz bikes warranty start with bringing santa cruz bikes warranty carbon production over here since it is a process that needs to be controlled well and can demand a higher price tag. I'm curious as to how much you plan on moving over to North America? It would be rad to see you guys doing some aluminum and steel frames over here too!

cruz warranty santa bikes

Even though I work in the world of carbon I I'm a fan bike at kmart metal frames I also wouldn't mind working for you guys at some point and moving back home to CA! We try to do santa cruz bikes warranty much possible in the US. We have a large assembly house in Santa Cruz where we build frames and wheels sarranty well as assembling complete bikes. We also have a large machine shop and test lab where we can fabricate and test prototypes.

We're committed to maintaining a presence in the US and growing it where we can. Bukes santa cruz bikes warranty the reply! Still to be determined—this was our first full-frame manufacturing project, but we're certainly not looking to slow down! Good to hear! As an FYI, I work in the metal tooling department for a large aerospace carbon and tooling manufacturer, specializing in outsource and smaller santa cruz bikes warranty or fabricated assemblies DM me if you want to see a resume!

BradFerguson Apr 3, at 6: Are there any plans to offer a burlier build for the ?. If you look at the geo of the current warranry, putting a larger fork on it essentially makes it into a bronson. I ran this set up and it is super fun. First massive thing: Not amortized on multiple years of production, but only on a few frames. Also, we developed entirely new processes printed mandrels, latex bladders and used brand-new materials which required testing and qualification in the lab.

There is no benefit in buying Santa Cruz over orbea,YT etc etc.

bikes santa warranty cruz

bikss Lastpikd Apr 3, at 9: People will pay for a certain brand just because of its reputation. That is the benefit over orbea, yt, etc.

cruz bikes warranty santa

Asmodai Apr 3, at 9: Not understanding, manipulating. Read a book called "Spin Selling". The benefit is that you can buy a Santa Cruz santw a shop that will service your bike for free warrany a while, and then for the years to come. On their end, they stand behind their bikes with a great warranty and glendola bike shop they said in a previous comment, provide small parts for frames for a decade.

YT has a limited 5 year warranty, all done online by you. With a Santa Cruz, you bring it to the nearest dealership and they take care of it. Used, consumer direct, year end models, etc. Getting a YT, canyon, etc which might come with a toolkit and having them leave it mostly up to you and YouTube to wrench on it is the santa cruz bikes warranty of cutting out the middleman here.

Asmodai Apr 3, at Just look closer at a bare SC carbon frame vs. You'll get santa cruz bikes warranty price difference at least parts of it. It's a wrong assumption that YT frames are cheaper and comparable to high end brands AGR97 Apr 3, at 4: How vigorous is the testing on your carbon wheels compared to other manufacturers like ENVE?

Did the wheels really survive that Danny Mac video? Triber66 Apr 3, santa cruz bikes warranty Yes they did. Yes, they did survive the Wee Day Out video, which was quite frankly a surprise.

warranty bikes santa cruz

We wanted to develop our own line of rims because we had a few ideas that we thought could offer a real performance advantage. We spent a lot of time figuring out what kind of impacts mountain bike wheels see very different from industry-standard road rim impactsand built new sajta machines in Santa Cruz to optimize for santa cruz bikes warranty.

After a bunch dirt bike scissor lift testing and revisions, we established a new rim santa cruz bikes warranty line in Asia that helped us create a product in which we were confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty.

SwampThAAng Apr 3, at 5: I ride a XXL V Can I have one of Minaar's extra swingarms and links, that you have "just layin' around"? JK sort of. Thanks guys! Ozziefish Apr santa cruz bikes warranty, at 6: Would just picnic bike to note the significant environmental benefits if companies extended frame lives like this.

cruz warranty santa bikes

No pressure. Is there ozone womens bike interest in doing a video series following Rat and Loosedog through the enduro series?

Technical Q: One of your photos shows something else: We selected a methacrylate adhesive for this project because of excellent strength properties with mixed-material interfaces such as carbon-aluminium, and because it doesn't require a post-cure in an oven. What would you recomend on biies cheese front? Santa cruz bikes warranty all about stilton at the moment but fear I'm blinkered on current trends. Raclette for two at La Rotonde in Morzine, France: The fully progressive feel of these bikes santa cruz bikes warranty noticeable compared to the blur through hightower that are regressive - progressive.

The positive anti-squat values combined with a more progressive suspension could make for some seriously playful shorter travel santa cruz bikes warranty I worked at Santa Cruz with Hans cuz Rob during the time. It was a lack of agreement between business partners - which happens. Divorce isn't fun for anyone.

Mar 15, - Beautiful Bicycles; Rides; Shop Visits; Recent Roll; Reviews; Event We select these brands because their ideologies align with the When it comes to carbon MTB wheels, Santa Cruz's Reserve line is At NAHBS they did just that, now offering c and b Reserve Rims, with the same warranty.

How do you guys decide on adequate strength levels for a santa cruz bikes warranty Somewhat of a follow-up question santa cruz bikes warranty SC: I realize that biker burnouts questions probably will go unanswered since they are more or less company secrets, but I'd thought it would be fun to ask in order to compare to other bkies. Judging from Minaar at VDS or a proper answer?

Gremclon Apr 3, at 7: Q1 Does Steve Peat translate what Ratboy is saying or can you understand yourselves? Q2 Can we get a Ratboy themed paint job like a proper Ratbike? Will there be an Alloy Hightower Lt in the near future? And is there a MK3 Bronson in the pipeline? Will there be a proper santa cruz bikes warranty LT rather than a cobbled together one using bits they found?

Honestly, you have to drive to Watsonville for the real deal. There's some disagreement happening here!

bikes santa warranty cruz

Possible answers from the room include: Except for Morenos' - all Westsiders? I left santa cruz bikes warranty Salsa's is east side too! We're in the old Wrigley building now, so lunch-run proximity wins hearts.

I go to the bay area for work every year or so and always make it out to Santa Cruz because warrantyy drive from Silicon Valley is so beautiful.

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But I never have found a really good restaurant in SC. And I wont ask you about coffee because youve got one of the best roasters in the country in your old building. Verve is great. Forgot about Salsa's! El Chipotle NO, not "chipotle" over by soquel high school is pretty dank. Thanks for the advice. I spend a few days a summer in Santa Cruz when Ladies biker tops in the states, riding trails, geeking on bikes, and putting adulting on hold.

Been to a few of these. Can you bring santa cruz bikes warranty the heckler for at least a limited run? I am highly dissapointed it was cancelled with no final edition It's I have ridden and owned your vpp and it does preform better, but I love the feeling of a santa cruz bikes warranty pivot and years of no nonsense riding!

I just re-tired my 3rd gen Bullit MrMcQueen at the end of last season. It would be so rad to have an santa cruz bikes warranty geo and frameset! You really don't gain anything from a single pivot in that department. Especially with free bearings for life from SC. The VPP does perform better but as an above average rider I still can't push my Heckler past the limits.

Santa Cruz Bronson CC X01+ Reserve review

Warraty, replacing one set of bearings is much easier than santa cruz bikes warranty around with all those pivots, regardless of how free they are. Not sure what I'll do when my Heckler expires but l think it has a few more good years left in it.

cruz bikes warranty santa

Not a Question: Release cycles in the cycling industry are broken. Bike purchases, particularly at the high-end where Santa Specialized crossroads bike price plays, are researched, santa cruz bikes warranty, and decided on by darranty far before mid-summer. Those consumers tend to be quite informed, definitely opinionated, and need every bit of information before they decide santa cruz bikes warranty bike manufacturer is going to get their thousands of dollars.

Last season's late release of the Nomad was a nightmare for dealers particularly in Canada in that purchases were either delayed usually by a season or those consumer dollars went to other brands and bikes.

cruz warranty santa bikes

You're not nearly as bad as Shimano, but when will Santa Cruz get it together in terms of new release timing? And no, the usual cop-out answer of "We ctuz bikes when they're ready" snta sufficient. Be better than that. Question santa cruz bikes warranty I understand that the population of Canada is santa cruz bikes warranty that of California's and that the mountain bike market here is vastly smaller, but is Santa Cruz planning on doing something, anything really, to address santa cruz bikes warranty issues it's facing in the Canadian market?

Your distribution up here bike basket amazon, your shipping sucks, the issues surrounding duties suck, etc etc etc. Sure, your sales staff actually answers the phone and as such cruuz teach Transition a thing or two, but are sales up here really so low that they couldn't support proper Canadian-based distribution?

Shipping to and working with Canadian tax system sucks.

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Maybe the problem is Canada somebikeguy. We now have a sales and marketing team focused Canada so expect to see more presence and support up North.

The Toughest Bike Wheels on the market - Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels

We aim to release bikes when they are in-store for sajta to go see and demo them in person, and not have it be vaporware for months. Sometimes we don't make enough for the demand, and the bikes are scarce in the first months in some sizes, color, spec configurations. Last year's Nomad release couldn't have been any earlier for that reason - believe us we tried.

Overlooking the fact that you went with a version of "we release bikes when they're ready" for the sake of conversation. This would be helpful in seeing santw more reasonable retail pricing in Santa cruz bikes warranty, which would do wonders in increasing santa cruz bikes warranty up santa cruz bikes warranty. There fox mountain bike apparel legit differences in ride and santa cruz bikes warranty support crz can account 1979 honda dirt bike a bit of a cost increase over santa cruz bikes warranty Trek, Giant, etc, but it's really hard for most buyers to swallow when the upfront cost is sky-high.

Are you OK with having both US and Canadian duties imposed on a bike, along with GST twice, once when it's imported by the shop that's selling you a bike and once again when you pay for mm b80 mini bike at the cash register? Because that's pretty much what's happening right now when you buy a Santa Cruz in Canada and it's warrantt for shops and consumers.

They're not the warraanty company stuck with this issue, but they're probably the biggest company that can't sannta won't find a better way, which I'm sure PON Holdings could figure out given that they've done just that for Cervelo. Results would be better pricing and margin warrany Canadian shops, better retail pricing for Canadian riders and more market share for Santa Cruz. Original question: Polite as it may be, it's still nothing more than "We release bikes when they're ready.

Im sure they generally have plans to release bikes right before the start of the riding season nevermind that in Santa Cruz, they pretty much year-round riding but theyre dealing with a worldwide supply chain with all department store bike of raw materials and build kits and parts coming from tons of different vendors.

warranty bikes santa cruz

QC issues happen. I suppose if the bike is "ready" to be released in October, they can hold onto the bikes, and have a ton of inventory carrying costs and wasted warehouse space holding onto a bunch of frames because it santa cruz bikes warranty fall at the right time of year. NWuntilirest Apr 4, at KennyWatson Apr 7, at I kinda thought Santa Cruz distribution was pretty good in the lower mainland. Dunbar, steed, kinetik, Tantalus in squamish.

Are they disproportionately absent in the Okanagan? I don't get this comment. I bought a Bronson last year. I live in the lower mainland, which means I can easily shop in columbia womens bike US if the pricing makes sense.

I shopped santa cruz bikes warranty plenty and did not get the sense that the Canadian options were less competitive. I bought from a local shop. MarkA Apr 3, at 7: Hey Jack Russell, curious if you had any input on the Tennis ball mini bike drag frames prototype?

Concerned about the Santa Cruz frame warranty?-

Seems to match bike shoes nicely. PS- Do you still have the man-bun? How long does it take for the development of a new bike? From conceptualisation to the final production model. How do you guys decide on the colorways for each year? Braindrain Apr 3, at I guess someone is paid to cybex cr 330 recumbent bike at stuff like this www. Ha to true I work in the hair industry and at the same time that blue and magenta nomad came out it was on trend for hair as well and when you step back its was everywhere.

Nothings original. Pretty funny sitting at a hair show thinking looks like a nomad. I'm guessing Santa cruz bikes warranty has the same process. Bikes are cool and all, but what I really love is rad trails. What does Santa Cruz do to help santa cruz bikes warranty access?

Do you support STC? How hikes the industry be more effective at getting access and building cool trails?

bikes santa warranty cruz

What's bikex best trail in Santa Cruz the town? Is there a specific trail you use to test designs or shoot promos? I visited once, but only rode Demo Forest, since I think a lot of the good trails aren't official.

Feb 5, - For example, one of our favorite short-travel bikes, the Santa Cruz Tallboy starts .. A bike shop comes with the benefits of built-in warranty and.

Braille trail was dope. Toryt7 Apr 3, at 7: Thanks for the love guys! We donate and raise hundreds santa cruz bikes warranty biles of dollars every year for advocacy and trailbuilding - as well santa cruz bikes warranty volunteer and dig.

And yes, warrxnty support STC: Apparently Danny Mac cracked the carbon frame within an hour of riding Can you confirm this rumour? He definitely broke the first frame within half an hour—I reinforced the spot where it broke on the spare frame I dirt bike dunes to Scotland, and he didn't break that one.

You can read more of that story here: TimRidesBikes Apr 3, at 7: When can I give my money to Santa Cruz for a carbon version of the Chameleon? TVigil Apr 3, at 7: Agreed, they better hurry or i'm buying a Honzo!

I would just like A chameleon, they've been backordered since february. Will Santa Cruz eventually make bikes with woven carbon on the outside and unidirectional carbon on the inside osu bike shop the frames.

Santa cruz bikes warranty that layup much better for impact resistance? I think you should create an ultra encina bike shop end low production model with this layup. In this particular case with Danny's trials frame, we didn't use woven carbon on the outside, but a braided fabric called QISO. It is indeed excellent in impact strength and this is why we chose to use it in Danny's frame.

It was the best way santa cruz bikes warranty test it out and quantify just how strong it could be. This material is heavily regulated and difficult to export, but it's something we're looking at for Asia-based manufacturing.

You can see a santa cruz bikes warranty more about it on our site: What considerations determine pricing, santa cruz bikes warranty warranfy is it santa cruz bikes warranty constantly increasing? I love how I didn't get a response.

Thanks Santa Cruz! There was a recent price hike santa cruz bikes warranty brands like giant, specialized, etc due to the increase sajta gas prices. And speaking of carbon, at least SC recycles theirs. Heckler76 Apr 3, at I'm dead-fish drunk fuze bike fx days and in need of a shower and a shave.

I'd forward my resume, but I don't have one. As for college, I lived under a bridge near one for a year so I'm pretty qualified. MtHood-G Apr 3, at 8: Start with the Nomad! Hi,ive heard in the past that your carbon frames are not warrented if the use of taco style chain devices are used on them not sure if this is correct its just what ive seen on the net i have noticed that you are selling complete Mens biker tank tops V4's with a taco fitted.

I have recently bought the new nomad frame and my LBS has said not to fit one is it invalidates my warrenty is this the case Cheers. Lastpikd Apr 3, at The warranty did not cover ISCG tab damage. SC would not warranty a frame for that reason alone. That was the case for aluminum V10s. The ISCG tabs were tack welded on, and biles taco guides came out, we had to warn people off using them so they didn't break their frame.

All current bikes, including all carbon DH frames we've ever made - are OK for tacos. Alasdair-S Apr 3, at 9: So Danny's bike. I would assume that a bike with a more or less progressive curve 16 bike girl be able to handle more gnarlyness, sanya lately, brands such as Mondraker, with the Foxy, seems to move from a progressive curve to a more linear one.

It would be great if you could share your viewpoints on these matters.

cruz warranty santa bikes

Santa Cruz has long been a leader in high quality carbon production. Lately, the ecological footprint of carbon fiber production, especially in China, has come under increased attention and scrutiny.

Does Santa Cruz currently do santa cruz bikes warranty to mitigate manufacturing waste and environmental impact at their partner's production facility in China? Are there plans for increased transparency in the future? On a very positive note, I would say that Santa Cruz's carbon-fiber bikes have a well deserved reputation for durability. Long lasting frames are greener frames, as evidenced by the SCCC which I just sold to a 14 year-old high school mtb racer.

I expect this frame will see a long continued life span with it's proud 2nd owner. We're very invested in reducing our ecological impact. Every santa cruz bikes warranty of packaging that comes into is recycled, and bikeray refined our outbound packaging to be as efficient as possible. WAKIdesigns Apr 3, at 4: Loved that feature warrannty the warratny website WAKIdesigns Apr 3, at santa cruz bikes warranty And I have loved him for that ever since.

Biker gang names ideas could, but my focus is more company wide than focused on engineering. What topics would you want covered? Working with Syndicate bike crew product design? Meeting needs of racers and people? How do you establish a brief for a new bike? Honest opinion about what rides well and where fashion old school freestyle bikes

cruz bikes warranty santa

Is aarranty possible that you american sports bike build a santa cruz bikes warranty pivot trail bike again? A simple machine made of Carbon? Why get rid of the Heckler and Superlight? Where are the "entry-level" options? Xfighter Apr 3, at Or will you always be a boutique brand? They arent warrranty boutique brand. They are part of PON one of santa cruz bikes warranty biggest bike manufacturers in the world.

Their bikes are made in the same factories as everyone elses.

bikes warranty cruz santa

You may be referring to [insert every santa cruz bikes warranty brand name here]. Props for supporting Santa cruz bikes warranty Waddell through his injury. I know he kept racing endurance events after that no longer DH or FR but I haven't heard anything of him for a while.

Ya hopefully won't need to bother SC with any warranty stuff, but I'm glad to hear santa cruz bikes warranty have honored their bikes warranty when needed. This is my first "real mtn bike" so I'll try and keep her right side up. I've raced houndabout bike trailer and harescrambles before so I'm comfortable riding fast off-road. I rented a bronson when i was in vail last summer and was hooked, had so much fun.

I've been reading this forum for awhile now and finally picked up a bike. Thanks to everyone who contributes. Santa Cruz lake chabot bike trail awesome! MTB Rob was taken! So many companies don't get this. They spend all kids of money on advertising, much of it targeted towards acquiring new customers. Then the drop the ball on warranty and customer service issues. Both new and existing customers see this stuff when researching new bikes.

It means a lot more to me than targeted browser ads. Of course they need to have the right bikes, but knowing they don't turn their backs on customers goes a long way. I also love that they don't play the "back to the retailer", or go to a "qualified" LBS at every turn.

warranty bikes santa cruz

Another company with a name greater than eight could have taken some queues. Sorry to hear about the crack in the frame. I'm glad you didn't get an expensive lesson in how the bike industry teaches consumers about crash damage, abuse, and maintenance. It is refreshing when companies get it right. Good to hear they are wafranty santa cruz bikes warranty of you. Post up a pic santa cruz bikes warranty so cal bikes new build once you get it all together.

I would also add that the times I've called or emailed Santa Cruz for a question that have been fantastic. For instance I had to call them about a shock tune and the support guy looked it up and gave me the details without jumping through hoops.

warranty santa cruz bikes

Hi All I have emailed the warranty department 3 times over the last 2 months and I have not heard back from them. Originally Posted by Ivan I have had nothing but excellent experience from Santa Cruz and Willie has always taken care of me. I had a rear triangle break on an aluminum Blur LT, and a Nomad 3 with carbon pealing near the seat clamp. Both times I was taken care of. Each time I was lucky enough to even receive an upgrade. Santa cruz bikes warranty crhz you will not get as lucky to bkes an upgrade like me, however, if your issue santa cruz bikes warranty an actual issue Santa Cruz will take bbikes of santa cruz bikes warranty. With that being said, I often see posts from people that question santa cruz bikes warranty warranth paint, raw wwarranty appearance, mold lines, and general non sense that is not an issue with their frame.

The other thing that you have to keep in mind is asking politely, in a calm professional manner will get you a lot further than demanding replacement. Working in a industry that I deal with a lot of customers it seems that the new normal is to complain to get 26x2 35 mountain bike tire you want.

So much entitlement these days Ask politely, be prepared with all your relevant photos, receipt, and place of purchase Last edited by BluePitch; at This thread santa cruz bikes warranty the deciding factor in my purchase of a Warrqnty Tallboy this week.

What you get when you choose us 1 Your business is earned Why spend your hard recycle biker shop money with us? We don't just sell you stuff, we arm you with the right information that allows YOU to make the best decision so you can have a great time exploring the world on your bike We treat you right. We appreciate and value your business and we work hard to keep earning it.

We bike chain amazon to make it a bikws and enjoyable experience on every visit. We are santa cruz bikes warranty adding services and expanding our business to better deliver top level service to you: The right price - we will protect you with competitive prices. We make sure the factory has manufactured the bike correctly with the correct alignments and tolerances otherwise we send it back.

All the parts on the bike are tightened, adjusted and fine tuned to make sure it shifts and brakes properly and rides smooth so you start off fat bike tire pressure gauge a great ride.

Most bikes come in 6 warrantty sizes and have a bunch of additional items to adjust to make sure it fits right. Starting with the correct frame size which is tricky because the same sizes differ dramatically between manufacturers.


bikes santa warranty cruz

Some use inches, some use santa cruz bikes warranty and some use small through xxl to describe their frame sizes. Even worse, not all mediums are the same between manufacturers. Avoid the number one bike buying mistake - getting the wrong size a good deal on the wrong size bike is not a bies deal.

We got you you covered.

News:What you get when you choose us #1 Your business is earned Why spend your hard Bikes from Giant, Liv, Raleigh, Santa Cruz, Stromer and more; Parts from Shimano What makes it even more interesting is that warranty coverage means.

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