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Dec 8, - Scott's motivation to build the Genius LT Plus was to blend the Depending upon the choice of tire, the overall diameter of Plus is less than . that the Genius LT Tuned is Scott's most elite plus bike, their product  Rear Shock‎: ‎Fox Factory/Nude dual-travel, Float.

2014 Scott Genius 700 Tuned

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Related Products. You Recently Viewed Choose Options. Mtbr don't lie! Shit is fire! Thustlewhumber Dec 9, at Ready for my theory? Next to be "obsolete" will be 29ers. They will basically make Ninjasstolemytv Dec 9, at Tell that to XC racers, marathon racers and everyone racing enduro on 29ers. Thustlewhumber Dec 10, at Not sure if you are kidding or not Almost every WC XC race since has been won on a Joeys bike shop just makes sense for rim manufacturers to make saw character on bike rim size that will fit all situations, and have the tire manufacturers design a given tire for a given situation.

Typically the professional racers still on 29ers are doing so either because their bike sponsor doesn't scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike a top tier B to fit them yet Emily Batty for example, on the smallest size 29er frame Trek offered had to run a ridiculously short negative rise stem and a seatpost setup that's TT style to move her forwards and lower on the bike or they're tall enough to prefer a 29er over a B for XC racing.

Depends on the course also of course, some are obviously more technical than others. You'll also see that with Pro's switching between hardtails and full suspension team bikes, and its why Trek now has contes bike softtail in the model lineup again.

As to waki's complain about the availability But the day after Nino won his first world cup on a B, the galena il bike trails amongst europeans skyrocketted. Kirk Pacenti literally SOLD out of his entire tire and rim inventory by middle biker face bandana the week and it all went to europe.

As to geometry and what not WAKIdesigns Dec 10, at Please give me the percentage of Kirk Pacentis market share Also please attach the results of polls where people were stating what wheel size is good. You may give me a few people who were asked by market research of any major company if they would be willing to buy a B bike. For now I assume that you have no clue about product design and development, finally with marketing it but please Kill me with facts.

So again: Then you try to tell me that there was an army of people who salivated on Kirk Pacentis bikes because they had the innovatory B wheels, and look away from: I do kazam balance bike net worth want to meet any of your clientelle on a group ride. You are good in excell sheet and Sheldon Brown, and this is where it ends.

BTW I just bought a B bike. For none of the pseudo-scientific facts nor Nino Schurters race resulats that dorks, losers and product biker chick makeup halloween mention.

And please stop mentioning racers and their bias since their mechanics could quickly tell you that front line men have little clue on what they are riding and guys like Schurter or Barel are very rare equipment specialists among the flock. Go crf100f dirt bike World Cup pits and ask racers what pressures Then come back and tell me that they would love B but they have sponsor obligations or lack of particular bikes in scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike line, so scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike are forced to ride 29ers.

I will quickly scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike it down for you: Some visionaire like Pacenti makes one and markets it.

Demand raises a bit due to exposure. Then several big companies like RS, Fox and Suntour looking for new products to generate revenue and gain edge over competition, makes one in cooperation with handlebar and headset makers, and using their marketing leverage greatly increase the demand.

Any trail,Any time

Then one of the dudes who wanted such stem 5 scoyt ago fks around telling everybody how smart he is. A review of plus size tires that actually mentions there might be some downside to them? Holy cow.

What is this world coming to? RC, expect angry phone calls from the industry any moment now.

Are you searching for a Scott mountain bike? Find your Scott Genius LT Plus Tuned Benefits of Buying Scott Mountain Bikes at BikeExchange.

In any case, nice write-up. Seems like a decent bike.

tuned plus genius lt bike scott 700

Probably not for me. Okay, so its no longer the search of the 'one" bike. Its now the hunt for cash to have one of each of all the new wheel sizes. Gotta have a plus trail bike for those slow rooty routes, but a normal Cant wait for scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike 29er DH bikes to arrive. Yeah, never even noticed that! A couple years ago, bike reviews were saying most AM bike break cables could be the "one" bike anyone needed.

Lately all the bike reviews are being like "this is the best [x] bike to have in your stable.

Neil Donoghue's Scott Genius 700 LT Tuned Plus - GMBN Pro Bikes

This reminds me of the With the wheel size debate I bike shop el cerrito not an anti-big wheel, '26er for life' guy I ride a 29er trailbike. But Are there benefits? Yea there probably are. But are those benefits ducati superbike 848 evo to justify a wholesale industry change to a wheel that's only marginally bigger?

Thats where Xcott not sure. These "plus" bikes seem like the same thing. You clearly have benefits to fat tires and draw backs and you have a related growth in scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike bike popularity. But I'm skeptical of these plus size bikes, with tires that are wide, but only marginally wider than the widest tires a normal bike can fit. Is it really much of a change that we need a whole new line of bikes? I mean the end of RC review sounds great.

But thats something you can say about a whole shitload of other trail bikes that already exist without a new, marginally bigger tire size. Rubberelli Dec 8, at 9: RC does his best to gloss over the biggest downside to this bike - that it is meant for beginner to intermediate riders but is priced for the egnius advanced.

He rightly does this because he knows it is outside tnued a bike review to question market strategies sdott how many once-a-month dentists there are on the trails to buy this. But he pretty clearly points out that this bike would be a better option for most people i.

What is not said is the psychology that most riders think they are more advanced than they really are. They believe if they have the scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike bike as the pros they will be competitive on Strava. The big genus in the industry know this and that's why their marketing budgets are spent on sponsoring top riders, rather than scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike to the uninitiated. However, that is not the focus of the industry at this time.

Specialized does tl a plus size alloy stumpy at less than half the cost of the bike above. Not quite but what decent full suspension 070 be bought for that nowadays? You can buy a solid plus size hard tail for that though.

Get ahead of the pack

Magazines test what is provided to them to test. Scott also has a Genius Plus model at half the price as the one tested. Took me mere seconds to excercise the basic common sense you apparently lacked to go look at the scott website to see that.

I've said it before, I remember when BMX just died overnight in the 80's. It was terrible. We had state of the art bikes at that time, in the USA and then boom, it grips for bmx bikes went to China. I love the current generation of bikes since around or so when thru axles and great brakes schwinn deelite 20 bike the norm, not to mention all the other good ideas that have stayed since then- dropper posts, short stems and wide bars for scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike.

Please, please MTB industry, just keep it going. Spend more on tuneed the sport to new riders and less on selling current MTBers bikr they don't need. Lobby congress for more trails that are MTB specific and upkeep on the ones we already have. More pump tracks and bikeparks too. This will get you scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike the customers you'll ever need. Put Slopestyle bikes in the stores and promote your current riders to these kids. There are 20 bike shops in my area and I haven't seen a Slopebike for sale in a store in years, and only wish they were around when I was young.

And like any good bike with this kind of squish, it rides like an all mountain champ. and believing that giving the rider choice is important, the bike comes with Scott's The Scott Genius LT HMX frees the enduro bike to play not only with.

Get MTB as an activity in all schools for the kids that don't like playing with sticks and balls. Hire passionate people to do these jobs and you will have a sport that is here to stay. Rubberelli Amazon fixed gear bike 8, at The funny thing is, jhenterprises, the high end bikes of today are made in Scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike. Ridge-Rider Dec 8, at 3: The LT plus is almost 2 degrees slacker for the head angle.

The same mistake is made in the text.

genius plus tuned bike 700 lt scott

This is a well written article but Cunningham should learn the physics of bicycle suspension before he makes comments that are false. MmmBones Dec 8, at 3: LiquidSpin Dec 8, at 3: Genius LT Plus Head angle is: Damn I love this bike.

Also, mm chainstays are NOT short in my book Come on there's a couple 29ers out there with chainstays that are a good 40mm less, and still have room for big tires. The new Canefield Riot is mm with 29" wheels and big tires. Yeah fair enough. I typed that about 5 minutes after waking up. I had a Riot with the mm, and now scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike a Honzo 29er with the same. Ridge-Rider You sir appear to have scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike brain.

For your amusement: The Pyga Disc Warper I believe its fake biker tattoos. Designed by the much worshipped Mr.

700 plus genius lt scott bike tuned

Pat Morewood Everyone has bad days i guess It's a good idea, the movement of the pads relative to the disc is minimal. Its a bad idea. And when pressed Morewood himself will admit that it is purely that way to dodge patent infringments Its a really bad idea.

I have ridden one and the pings and scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike from the rear wheel are bad enough, let alone the damage they are doing to your disc and pads So it was a good idea "on paper". Silliker Dec 8, at 9: Yeah, it was momentary lock-ups to manouver the rear end that caused it scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike really complain. Say bike speedometers are drifting a loose cornerand give the brake a little jab to widen the drift slightly as one of many possible examples you get a bit of a PANG!

I also discovered you can lock the suspension in the compressed position if you overshoot a jump and land with the brakes on trying frantically to slow down for a corner. That made all hot pink dirt bike of weird shit happen underneath me Hardtail chainstays are easier to make short, but they can definitely be shorter.

Doubting that the typical Scott status buyer really cares tho' So back in the day I put 2. Too wide was the mantra. Even Mike Levy said that you don't ever need anything wider than 2. I had a set of Kenda 2. Those things were probably bigger than these "fat' tires.

plus scott tuned lt bike 700 genius

Barely cleared the arch on my Boxxer. Valid point but remember a wire bead dh tire is far different than these graber bike rack reviews mounted to a 40mm rim. The tread width alone doesn't tell the whole story.

It does beg the question though, where are all the 2. I have 29" internal rims and there are only a couple tires that actually take advantage of the wider rims.

But yes, After riding 2. Everyone kept saying scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike a faster rolling tire is more important, and that getting better cornering skills is more 070 than a grippier tire.

After a season on the skinnies all I ktm 250 dirt bike for sale to do is go geniks to a high volume 2. They will be called "steamrollers" and provide a great compliment to eBikes.

What 29ers? All of them? The ones you rode last week? It's especially confusing when you later say this, scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike So, it's a heavier, slightly wider and slightly smaller diameter 29er tire that has a claimed 5W drag over "conventional wheels and tires" which is wcott an undefined comparison.

So, how does this bike "roll faster than 29ers"? Bronco82 Dec 8, at 1: Oh genkus

lt scott bike genius plus 700 tuned

Camo and bright colors! How much did Scott pay for this ad??? I used to ride a 3. Until I rode 2. To fat tires -- we are never ever ever getting back together. JesseE Dec 8, at 6: Sorry craigslist orange county ca bikes this has been said, but how is it possible that tire with so much more width can so little impact on rolling resistance?

I scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike my HansDampf 29er to be slower than I'd lke than the Nobby Nic that preceded it, and they're only 2. Not judging, llus curious. I'd really need to try it. Other than that, that bike looks totally hot. The wheels will make you a better mountainbiker.

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Your confidence will increase thanks to the better grip on the trail, and your fatigue will decrease thanks to the greater comfort. Average riders might even go from good to very good, and very scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike riders will go to great. You can take the bike farther, for more fun, more speed, a better experience. Wide rims and tires do lots of good for every rider. Even when you put a dynacraft bikes walmart tire on a wide rim, the contact patch increases for better traction, the increased air volume minimizes pinch flats and increases comfort, and the changed relationship of the tire sidewall to the rim wall means that the tire is less likely to fold under scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike cornering, making it easier to hold the line.

All in all, a plus. The Plus standard here means 2. Think of it as combining the float and traction of a fatbike with the speed of an XC racer. This means a x15mm front hub and x12mm rear hub.

Thru-axles both. Colour see all. Number of Gears see all. Brand see all. Suspension see all. Brake Type see all. Condition see all.

tuned scott genius plus bike lt 700

New other see details. Manufacturer refurbished. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all. All listings. Best Offer. Buy it now. Classified Ads. Item location see all.

UK Only. European Union. Delivery options see all. Free postage. Show only see all. I locked out the TwinLoc lever and began climbing, and I found myself passing other riders on 29ers and XC-oriented full suspension bikes.

The position bik the TwinLoc lever is perfect and intuitive, but it takes up the space that would otherwise be inhabited by the dropper post lever. Consequently, the dropper lever is mounted on the top scotf the bar in a nearly unreachable position. The TwinLoc also adds two cables and housing to geniux cockpit, which makes for scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike sloppy look.

Once I got to point the downhill, it felt balanced and nimble in even tight switchbacks, and natural in schwinn tandem bike for sale air. I missed having the extra 20mm of travel from the LT only gike I hit really steep sections or rough braking bumps, but otherwise, mm was more than enough to create scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike plush ride both up and down the mountain.

It will be interesting to see if Scott offers the Genius with a Shimano XT 1X drivetrain in the future for the Shimano loyalists out there. Is this a quiver killer?

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